Janice – Queen (Medsyster Version)

Gender equality is not a choice, and Janice's Queen delivers that message powerfully.

Queen is the newest project by Swedish RnB artist Janice. She has teamed up with the Swedish Red Cross, and three other major Swedish artists – Sabina Ddumba , AMWIN (formerly Amanda Winberg) and LASH – to release a redux version of Queen alongside a new videoclip.

This version was released on the 8th of March in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

[su_quote cite=”Janice”]Making this song this way – with a lot of women who go together to help others – feels so powerful.[/su_quote]

The project is an initiative of the Red Cross – a “for ​women,​ ​by women” campaign called #Medsyster (Sisters) that will be raising money for women in conflict areas around the world.

The song showcases Janice’s powerful, soulful vocals that sound even more impressive while carrying such an empowering message. “We are Queens, queens of everything

Gladly, there are lots of places who respect and ensure gender equality, but there are still so many who don’t. It is truly great to see so many powerful people who identify as women to stand up and make themselves heard in order to bring attention to those who can’t. The ​funds generated by this campaign are going to Red Cross’s disaster work, towards maternity care for those in need, as well four specially selected projects: work on genital mutilation in Sudan, increased access to health for women in Afghanistan and preparations for natural disasters in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Make sure you check out the campaign and help them out: https://www.redcross.se/medsyster