Jono Boyle – Was It Real

Pretty sure Jono Boyle's latest song is a real modern R&B-meets-pop wonder.

Jono Boyle Was It Real Meeting of the Day

Some time has passed since we heard a proper R&B-pop song that truly moves us while it provides the catchy goods. Multi-instrumentalist Jono Boyle latest release entitled Was It Real is a monster of a track that manages to conquer that missing space.

Was It Real is at first a song that could play in the radio, but at a deeper listening, an effort of complexity and good taste. The soft but deep electronic elements it incorporates are both touchy and slowly danceable. The song variations are always hooking and sound fresh. And the vocals are among the best we heard. Comparable even with personal favourites like Honne. And when we think we figured everything out he brings the falsetto on. Perfectly in tune, sensible and as contagious as any vocals can get. The video that accompanies the single is properly beautiful and engaging, providing the ideal scenery for such an immediate hit.

This is the second track from the very very young New-Zealand based Jonathan Boyle. His debut with the more jazzy Tomorrow Never Comes is also very swingable and melodic. A bit more Jammie Cullum but also with the proper unexpected twists (and a guitar that singles along).

Sticking into our heads like very few, we will keep following him on the bellow links:

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