[International Premiere] Quibus – Radio Kootwijk

Radio Kootwijk incorporates electronic elements with a violin and a trombone like they were meant to be together.

Quibus Radio Kootwijk ElectroMental

To start your week in the right manner, you’ve just had to press play on Quibus latest track Radio Kootwijk. And let yourself go with it.

Played live, and filmed in a one-take one-shot video. Just like in a proper concert. This is a great proof that the best electronic music can and should incorporate classical instruments for a broader variety and intensity. The song is part of Quibus latest live EP entitled Find You released about 1 year ago. Now with the video-version of Radio Kootwijk being released, it should be an instant until they get approached for the upcoming Summer festivals. The song is about portraying an intimate journey to Netherlands’ first International radio station in the middle of a forest. I our opinion that ambiance is accomplished merely after the first brief chords of the song. Not only because Martijn Holtslag’s complex composition is uber melodic. But also because Anne Bakker’s violin and Issac McCluskey’s trombone really enhance it with that extra-special-bit that makes it so distinct, unique and electrifying. So good and memorable that by the end you will be imitating the violin inside your head.

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