[TGIF] Beautiful Restoration

The best six releases of the week are distinct in genre but coinciding in the way they burst emotions wide out.

TGIF Beautiful Restoration Kyle Cox Grace Gillespie Sir Canyon Voice Collective Dennis Kalla Eliott

It’s not that this week we were particularly more sensible than any other. But from all the songs released around last week there was a clear tendency for honest, raw, touchy songs about love and self-learning. Well, we wouldn’t ever hide from those beautiful feelings. And therefore the next six songs are not only the best songs of the week, but also some remarkable songs about being human and emotional. We hope you let yourself go as much as we did.

Kyle Cox – Better Off Being Wrong

Kyle Cox writes and sing music just like he feels like it. The first seconds on Better Of Being Wrong clearly show that side of him. Picking up from that relaxed vibe, his voice reminds us of a Matt Berninger. A bit less melodic, a bit more Father John Misty perhaps. But nonetheless he sounds like a true modern poet. This track is the second single from Kyle Cox’s forthcoming self-titled album, and not only it transpires Kyle Cox folk-relaxed flow, but also incorporates classical instruments and even a bit of the United States anthem.

Grace Gillespie – Restoration

Folk-pop can be one of the most genuine combination of alternative genres. All it takes is a singer-songwriter capable of embracing its depth. Grace Gillespie makes justice to that. Sounding at times like the most melodic Mark Kozelek, others like Justin Vernon. Sounding ever totally submerged in the emotions of singing like she writes. Restoration is a classical composed folk-pop ballad. A true lullaby with some dream-pop vibes, harmonic, melancholic and introspective. An auspicious debut.

Sir Canyon – Cindy Come Over

Raising up the pace a bit, Sir Canyon got us from the very beginning with Cindy Come Over. This Los-Angeles based group of musicians led by Noah Lamberth, not only transforms the beautiful desert landscape into a funky vibe, but showcases what’s best in the americana-rock fusion. Quite engaging, and adventurous, Cindy Come Over grows on us the more we listen to it, and creates a never tiring aura. There is space for a multitude of instruments which sound like one strong melody, like a proper well balanced cavalry ready to conquer the west.

Voice Collective – I AM Whole

Voice Collective is an experimental music project with a very strong nuance on delivering a message. Released this week, I AM Whole is filled with the strength of someone who overcomes problems related with self-worth and addiction. And for that reason it carries a strong message of believe and resilience. The track allies the message to a strong mix of cultural-almost-tribal beats; a very friendly vibrant-whipered voice; and some kind of pop-ish chorus and variations which sound delicious at least. This is a catchy song quite impossible not to love. Just like what self-love should always be.

Dennis Kalla – Beautiful Mistake

Sweden-based Dennis Kalla has already been a frequent choice in our speakers. The intensity he puts in every single song should make him an obligatory act in no time. A bit like Tom Odell or Ben Howard, his raw and raspy voice, and the way it sounds always natural, is a no-brainer after a mere brief seconds. Beautiful Mistake his newest single has everything we could hope for. Beautiful and touching lyrics with a positive edge, incredibly melodic vocals, a piano that seems to melt us inside, and a build-up structure that never sounds repetitive or less intense.

Eliott – Over & Over

Well, finally, if we are talking about being honest and having no problem singing about love’s dis(pleasures), there comes Eliott. Over & Over might only be the second single from this Melbourne artist but there is no way it is a forgettable one. Maybe its all about the emotive vocals that sound almost heroic in the sense she sounds simultaneously fragile and unbreakable. Maybe its the simplistic piano-electronic infused base. Or the constant almost seamless evolution the song employs. This is an undeniable gem. A beautiful combination of taste and touch.


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