Hypothetical – Real or Not

Hypothetical combine electronica and hip hop in a way we've never heard before.

Hypothetical Real Or Not New Secret

CHypothetical is the dynamic duo of childhood friends Matt Feldman and Sean O’Neil. Unlike almost every other artist we post about, these guys have entered our homes unexpectedly with an entire album, their debut LP Kill the Doubt. We have been on and off on it until we finally could reach a consensus about the best songs. In the next lines, as a way of properly introducing them or giving a sense of what they are all about, we focus on four of those songs.

Blow the Breeze introduces Kill the Doubt and does it very well. A mix between pop and hip hop that is also a bit rock and infused with almost any 90’s style. The first song of the album is also how Hypothetical conquered us: an eclectic mixture of everything we remember, encapsulated in a electronic-hip hop cape.

Pensive the fourth song on the album, is another nice hip-hop infused track. Catchy and simple, or simply catchy. It builds on the same melody all way through, but gets more melodic the more it repeats itself. A nice song that is truly tailored for Matt Feldman’s voice. A voice that although not that powerful, works beautifully every single corner of a song. With that it turns to not only being very friendly but extremely melodic.

Come My Way is catchy as hell, and until this date, the more famous music of the album. More pop than any other song in Kill the Doubt, this one is also relevant in the way it does not try to be what is not. Just a pop-infused effort that once again seems to be inspired by acts like Limp Bizkit or Rudimental. But also a surprising song in the way it even includes more funky elements. Hence, a tremendous exercise of music genres. And have no illusions, what at first may sound strange will soon conquer you. Oh, and the guitars at 2.18 are really the best part of it, so don’t miss it.

But it is on Real or Not that Hypothetical are more unforgettable and unique. Electronica and hip hop combined in a way we’ve never heard before. At times, the guitar comes in reminding us of Tash Sultana. Others, the vocals are transformed into a backup flow that sounds like Pet Shop Boys. And the whole thing is mixed out of the park. Variation after variation, truly mesmerising. This is the song we keep getting back for more and more. The song that will make us remember Hypothetical for a long time.

You should check the entire album (just hit play below) as it is both revolutionary and an ode to everything we loved in music from the 90s.

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