Sabiyha – Bird

Sabiyha just released her debut single, Bird. She states she has hollow bones. But she's also a bird, and hollow bones is what allows birds to fly. 

Sabiyha is a London based singer-songwriter with mad lyrics and powerful vocals. She is an artist that “explores love, loss, cultural identity and the art of storytelling in her music“. If Sabiyha’s vocals were to be a dance, it would be nothing other than contemporary dance. Her voice is filled with sentiment, passion and power. Her vocal range goes from the lowest depths to the highest heights. It is an art form. It is poetry in motion.

Sabiyha is “inspired by an array of strong female artists such as Bat for Lashes, Mitski, Joan Baez and Ella Fitzgerald, Sabiyha aspires to follow suit and grow as an engaging and influential female singer songwriter“.

Fresh out of her upcoming EP, Hollow Bones (out on April 20th), is Bird. This is, believe it or not, her debut single. And what a way to unveil herself! Soulful, heartful and powerful.

Bird is a light and dark sequence of watery ripples that explores heartbreak and momentum. “There’s a box of cigarettes in the window sill / Where you used to keep me still” she begins singing, as our jaws drop with the sharp and sweet voice arriving to our ears, to our hearts, to our lungs and our bones (get it? Like in the lyrics?). Sabiyha sings several times the name of her upcoming EP, stating she has hollow bones, portraying the endless void that we are left with after a heartbreak.

But do you know what? She’s a bird, and hollow bones is what allows birds to fly.

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