[TGIF] Staying, Laying, Holding, Loving.

Love is all around us, and nothing can portray it better than music. These 8 best releases of the week depict it, perfectly and distinctly.

TGIF Staying, Laying, Holding, Loving

Thank God It’s Sunday, and thank god for the all the songs released this week. This has been one of those weeks where the quality has been so high we’ve gone ahead and pick eight songs to reflect it. In the following lines you can read and listen to an eclectic selection, because our love for music has very few boundaries in genre. Starting more slowly, with songs you can hear laid down, and picking up the rhythms until the end; all of them are genuine portraits of distinct types of love.

Haulm – Stay For Me

A good love song is also a song that could be listened at any given point and still feels us with hope. Haulm latest wonder Stay For Me is a song for every moment. Low profile, falsetto-based and slowly progressing. As catchy as brutally beautiful. Very short and very convincing, we feel it could play for hours every time. Maybe that’s part of its charm. Maybe it’s the case that this it is just too good. Stay For Me is the title track of Haulm debut EP coming out on the 30th this month. Mainly unmissable.

Arvid Nero – Mother Earth

Sweeden-based Arvid Nero got us from the first guitar chords in Mother Earth. Combining tangible doses of José Gonzales charm and a bit of the dusty-wise Johny Cash spirit, this is both tender, raw and quite rock in roll too. Deep and honest, the vocals are always the main focus point of this western-like version of folk-rock. And if Mother Earth is quite constant from start to end, we feel grateful of how much it can speak to our hearts.

Ivan Moult – Lay Me Down

Pursuing a similar spiritual involvement, Ivan Moult’s Lay Me Down also convinced us with how honest it sounds. Built on top of a tender guitar-basis, his vocals sound both powerful and fragile, almost on the verge of breaking down but without ever sounding less melodic. The song is almost classical in terms of construction and builds up like a proper modern lullaby. Never loosing focus or intensity.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses – Still Here

Tigers Are Bad For Horses were among the first New Secret we ever posted about. For that reason we are glad they are still producing great indietronic songs like the one they released this week. Still Here is both melodic and groovy. Takes it’s time to build but is extremely well composed and produced. More matured than ever, this packs both a Sade like groove and a bunch of modern twists and quality funky-serious vocals.


We’ve already explained our love for DUETS AND STUFF when a couple of weeks ago they released their debut Serve Somebody. But, once again, this new Swedish indie duo, managed to do a beautiful indie ode to simplicity and taste. Hold On is again catchy in the small furbished details, and contagious the more we listen to it. With love for Feist, Peter Bjorn and John, The XX and Daughter it is truly remarkable in how they sound like no one, being easily recognisable after having released just a couple of tracks. “Just” is an understatement of course. Hold On is also genius.

Molly Moore – Tough Love

Also back is Molly Moore. Another one we couldn’t stay indifferent. Tough Love is punchy and powerful, soul and pop at its best, and hypersensitive behind its catchy vibes. Counting in some nice saxophone and electronic riffs that give it that extra edge, it’s still in her vocals that most happens. Making love with words and showcasing even a jazz-side that pop rarely adopts, this is unique and a breath of fresh air. Taken from her forthcoming EP Third Eye High she couldn’t have put the expectation higher.

JUSTPROCESS feat. Joannie Jimenez – I Already Know

I Already Know is a collaboration between J U S T P R O C E S S and the gorgeous Joanie Jimenez that combine electronics and pop vocals in a hiper contagious way. Not only it reminds a bit of Beyonce most alternative vibes, but is also darker and more electronic genuine. Every time we figure out the vibe, the song evolves again, and that chameleon structure is both brutally revolting and engaging. Ultimately a lot danceable and singable, this is the most unique piece of indietronic we heard in 2018.

Franke – Italy

it’s all about sex. just about being able to casually kick it with a girl, and both people being ok with that type of relationship“. That is how Franke describes Italy the uber catchy pop-hip-hop song he released in the beginning of the week. Italy is the type of song we can’t ignore not only for the catchy chorus and laudable lyrics it packs, but also because nobody in his right sense can’t help from dancing a bit or a much to it. Genious piece of pop composition right here.


Have a nice week!!!

WtMM Team