[FIRSTPLAY] Alien Pimp – Starburner

Ready for something completely different? This is Alien Pimp's Starburner, an electronic-orchestral wonder he likes to call Phat Pop.

Time for something completely different. Alien Pimp releases today the video for his latest Starburner. An electronic bomb which also sounds very close to an orchestral masterpiece.

But first things first. “Sometimes I use music to express myself, but most times I use myself to express music”. This is how Silviu Costinescu, the real name behind Alien Pimp, describes himself. He grew up in the slums of Bucharest and at the age of 14 he already had his own alternative music show on Radio Nova 22. Before the age of 27 he was featured in New York Times and CNN as one of the main figures of the new Romanian music scene. And shortly after that, he created his own bass-music/dubstep label DubKraft Records. He toured half Europe as a DJ, and now he seems to have settled here in Portugal. His life has been about as many music projects as he can get his hands on. But after all of this, he describes his new approach for the Alien Pimp project in a very humble way:

[su_quote]I don’t have proper instrument skills, but I’m working to become a digital busker of my own kind. First on the virtual streets of Internet, later in the real streets as well. Not sure what’s gonna come out of this, but it’s a concept that excites me more than many of the opportunities offered by the music establishment.[/su_quote]

Inspired by the many street he has walked around the continent and knowing what it is to come from nothing, he dedicates Starburner video to all street musicians and performers, featuring people from a dozen different locations around the World. In Alien Pimp’s own words:

[su_quote]That’s for a few strong reasons. First, the street is the toughest and most forgetful crowd, as I was saying in the video. No one came there for you, they have a different agendas when pasing by. And if you make them stop, if you make a powerful enough impression on them to stay, enjoy, even drop a coin maybe, then there’s something great about what you do. Secondly, the interaction I’ve just described looks to me like the essence of an artistic act. Plus the impromptu element that only makes it more authentic. Very much like when the radio plays a tune you never heard before and it’s so good you have to stop whatever you were doing, put the volume louder and find out what’s it called. And in the streets it’s LIVE..[/su_quote]

The track is part of the Phat Pop EP, his latest release reflecting a new found apetite for song-writing, which replaces the typical electronic loopy tracks production. Starburner is a step forward for his ever-changing and a constantly re-invented sound. The bass section is strong, almost crazy, while the vocals are simple and everything but pretentious, consolidating that humbleness feeling. Some parts remind of Massive Attack, others take us back to Moby’s more experimental productions. The track is as electronic as it is organic. A complex composition that truly honours all kind of street performers, without leaving out the super danceable vibes. Enjoy!