Praa – Do It All Again

Praa is constantly surprising in every little bit of her tasteful detailed compositions.

Photo by Ousseynou Cisse

Welcome back, it is a pleasure to introduce Praa. A French sensation in the making and a vocal rollercoaster. Introducing herself as a proud product of the generation Y, and placing those influences in her music, she is one of those cases we’ve not been able to stay away, since the first play. Minimalist but strong. Constant but surprising in every little bit of the tasteful details. 

Praa’s debut was with Modeling Clay. From the 15 seconds on, she introduces herself to the indie world. Jessie Ware similarities? Maybe. NAO? Definitely. But different still. The pop-soul (Trip-Hop) is there for sure and the vocals are comparable, but there is something unexplored about Praa. That is reflected int the way her debut track varies only slightly, but still engages us so much. The secret is in the apparently effortless vocal melodies. Sensible and strong at the same time. Sensual and innocent too. Modeling Clay instrumental variation in the last minute also helps in further engagement. Convincing and solid.

But truth to be told. Do It All Again is what brought us to her. A song that is first of all worth because of the gorgeous video clip. We are not gonna lie here. Her gorgeous face got our attention before the vocals. But once you listen to the beautiful tone and the way her voice with bits of soul goes anywhere she wants, you cannot ignore it any longer. Struck in contemplation, Do It All Again does not have a certain genre, but is certain in every little way. The chorus want us make come back for more, the soft but energic guitar contributes to a nice build up, and even the piano is there for a sense of great taste. And then the little surprises in the vocal variations: it makes the last minute something that every new singer should have as a case study. It is all about Praa’s vocal melodies and nuances. Something so very unique and rare to find in todays music business.

Praa is expected to release her debut EP this year, and with that in mind, this is one to hear and follow attentively. As big things are certainly coming from her way in France: