[TGIF] Amazing Surfaces

From folk, to rock, pop and hip-hop. Sunday comes with six amazing surfaces to enjoy.

Amazing Surfaces TGIF James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band Racquet Aaron Taos Oh Maddie Cautious Clay L8Loomer

Sundays can be our favourite day of the week too. Even if we feel on the verge of a new crazy week we still have the time to grab a glass of wine and chill for a bit. What we definitely are doing is increasing the volume of our speakers, be it in the car or at home, because there were great songs released last week which can really boost our mood with the necessary amounts of calming and dancing vibes. So here they are, from the more folk-calm vibes, through some indie rock power, and to more sensual and highly danceable vibes. These are the best releases of the week.

James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band – Pushing Statues

James Edwyn formed his band in 2013 inspired by a Folk-based style with country variants, or in other words a rock-Americana flow: somewhere between Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams. But definitely the same place where instruments and vocals can calm us down. Pushing Statues their latest single taken from their second album The Tower, is the perfect song-case of their sound. James vocals take the central point in a guitar, simple-drums, tender-piano background, and everything makes sense. A proper lullaby that sounds ever refreshing to the soul. A proper story-telling song where the back-up vocals also work like a sharp charm.

Racquet – Surface

We tend to be hooked by bands with a strong female vocalist and a deep indie rock ambiance. That is certainly the case with Racquet newest single Surface. If the vocalist melancholic power won’t get you hooked (Daughter like) the indie-rock guitar evolution will (Foals like). And when we combine both we get a sort of strong vulnerability which will get us always. The video helps further with a beautiful scenery that totally combines with the pungent nature of the song. Nature and sound combining as one.

Oh Maddie – Youth

Oh Maddie debut effort with Youth reminded us of Future Islands. Then The National. Then a little bit of War on Drugs. Well, if it reminded us all of these you can imagine how much we liked it. This duo formed by Ren Rowntree and Jack Pepper from Chelmsford are not only electrifying but managed to perfectly combine classic with modern in a perfect vintage-powerful-sounding track we can’t get enough of. And it is definitely not easy to sound like these huge bans and still sound genuine. But genuine is the main thing they sound like.

Cautious Clay – Blood Type

“Not only the name is pure genius, but we ensure you, the way he sounds too”. Last month we talked about Cautious Clay triple debut and stated how much we were waiting for the release of his debut EP Blood Type this month. Well, the EP is a monster and so is the title track Blood Type. The already characteristic vocals are there and so are the incredible current and well-built merges between R&B, pop and soft electronics. As urban as possible. As genius as possible. A proper style-print of one of the most exciting new acts around, an hurricane of master-pieces.

Aaron Taos – Amazing

We’ve been talking about the sensation that Aaron Taos is since one year ago with the release of Of My Mind. Every time he puts out a new song, there is strong correlation with success. And Amazing might be the best so far. The vocals are dope, the rhythm is crazy good and the cadence that starts classy and revealing rises up to insane levels every time the song reaches the chorus. Amazing is groovy pop, smart electronics and highly dancing. And if by any chance you still have doubts about what this song is all about Aaron can clarify that: “This song is about being horny, plain and simple”. Makes sense.

L8Loomer featuring Anne Dereaux – Good For That

Memorize this name: L8Loomer. This Tampa’s own rapper … is the living proof new hip-hop acts can sound as contagious with words as melodic, catchy and electronic. His new song featuring the marvellous Anne Dereaux entitle Good For That is not only good for what you are thinking it is, but also a lot danceable, chilling and overall classy.  “Love is such an easy game to play, but I get lost along the way” are the highly catchy vocals we can hear in a beautiful and high-spirit chorus. And works wonders alternating with his high-paced-almost-singing rap solos throughout the entire track.


Have a nice week!!

WtMM team.