Takykardia – Navigate

Takykardia's Navigate is a beautifully orchestrated single that may very well be one of the best things 2018 has to offer.

Don’t mind us. We’re just casually passing through Friday, hoping the work day ends and the fun begins. In the meantime, we’re feeding our brain some of the best Trip-Hop it has heard in a while.

Takykardia is a trip-soul quartet from Copenhagen that defy any unbending genre believer. This is a group that is able to warm up the trip and slow down the pop, creating some sort of mystical and eerie yet magical and sunny music.

[su_quote]With completely different backgrounds in classical music, art-punk, jazz and performance art Takykardia emerged with inspiration from nature documentaries, trip-hop and a mutual devotion towards captivating aesthetics.[/su_quote]

Navigate is truly mesmerizing. The way Luna’s voice draws us in is head to head to the way the instrumentals makes us shiver with satisfaction. We dare you to try to listen to this single and remain indifferent to it. We double-dare you!

It is no wonder why we are left at a loss for words:

[su_quote cite=”Luna Matz”]We are naturally conscious about stimulating several senses and creating a universe that supports the atmosphere in our music.[/su_quote]

Every element is thought through thoroughly and orchestrated in a way it is indispensable while it remains undetectable. Everything sounds so cohesive that it merges into one complex sound that supports the enchanting vocals.

It’s the violin driven entrance that prolongs for almost half the track with just a few hints of piano keys here and there that make her voice pop at the right moment. It’s the 10 second mid-song break filled with nothing but piano and a very distant non-lyrical voice. It’s the pace that gets picked up only enough for us to feel momentum building. It’s the way the vocals’ volume follows this build up. And it’s the ever so pertinent introduction of the drums to get us closer to the climax.

We are not afraid to call this a masterpiece and potentially one of the best songs 2018 has to present us.

Takykardia’s debut E.P is out now.

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