[TGIF] Persistent Better Things

Welcome the working week with this emotional roller coast of last week' best releases.

TGIF Persistent Better Things

Once again the best of last week comes at Monday morning, in a melodious exercise of productivity and well-being. Featuring almost any indie genre you can thing of, these 8 songs have managed to put us on a high spirit every single time, and listening in the following order will make you feel in an emotional roller-coast. Don’t worry, it ends on high spirits!

Emma McGrath – Love You Better

Emma McGrath may be only 18 years old but her necessary hiatus in music writing seems to have been responsible for her best song yet. Love You Better was released middle of last week and is the first advance from her sophomore EP Silent Minds (13th April). This is pop-track with a structure that makes us sing-along and with a strong notion of vocals and lyric depth’s. A love track that will for sure feature in out favourite playlist and some of the most pretty vocals we heard this year. Ideally the video reinforces that gentle sensitive power in her vocals.

Heather Jayne – Let Me In

We’ve had the pleasure of premiere Heather Jayne debut single The Power  some weeks ago. We were impressed by her vocal power and by the way she merged distinct genres into a contagious indie-pop and electric track. Let Me In confirms those notions even further. A bit less catchy, but a bit more deep in the electronic elements, it keeps the vocal intensity and once again transmits an unforgettable pop fingerprint. Novel, unique, brave. Another great one.

Payton Odom – Conventional Wisdom

We’ve also introduced Payton Odom in the end of 2017, when he released the sensibly-electric At My Door. Two months later he continues to distile class with Conventional Wisdom. Sounding a bit pop-like Sam Smith-like  at the beginning the song quickly evolves into a more jazzy effort and then into a brilliant jazz-tronic mix. Like a pacy chameleon, the song truly shines in Payton’s vocals, but is the complex and spectacular riffs that step up the whole track into sounding like a contemporary hymn.

Alternative Fidelity feat. Leo James Conroy – Little Questions

“Alternative Fidelity is a disparate group of musical friends, based in L.A. and London”. That’s how Alternative Fidelity introduce themselves. Little Questions, their latest collaboration, is what they call another bending of genres with a lot of soul. With the marvellous incorporation of Lyell Evans Roeder composition and Leo James Conroy vocals, this is a song that transcends genres focusing on the power of the words merged with a jazz-tronic ambiance. Being about a long-distance relationship the background provides the appropriate ambiance for the emergence of true feelings. A song with so many details that you’ll still be noticing small details after a dozen of listens.

Night Drifting – Better Things

Now for something completely different here is Night Drifting and his newest song Better Things. Features a pedal steel, a violin, a Wurlitzer, a bass, and some pretty folk-melancholic vocals. He likes to call it ambient folk, and sure it makes sense. If the apocalypses ever happens this is the kind of song that for us will remember it all. Constantly engaging, dreamy and indescribable. The perfect merge between Bob Dylan songwriting-art and a post-rock stopper. Better Things is unheard off in terms of style, and immensely beautiful.

Tipling Rock – TMSN

TMSN stands for Tell Me Something New, and hist Tipling Rock newest show-stopper. A song that is primarily pure beach pop and which reminds us bands like The Dog Is Dead, Little Comets or Mystery Jets; but which also sounds current and very catchy and danceable. For that contribute the flamboyant vocals, the effortless melodies, and the way every single instrument seems to be on the same flow. The rock-on flow. TMSN sounds like our dogs favourite song because it never quite stops or leaves our side. And we absolutely adore it.

DENNY – Something Furious

Keeping the dancing and highly singable vocal vibes we also bring Something Furious to the highlights of the week. DENNY are Alexander, Randon and Sully, three guys whose sound is among the best and most genuine commercial pop we heard this year. Mostly because you can really feel how much they are having fun while at it. Something Furious may sound trashy at first, because they want it for it to sound like it. But it also sounds majestic and truly catchy. The vocals are glorious and powerful and the instrumentals even though quite simplistic at times, evolve as the high-placed vocals build the song up. Then, the drum-guitar combinations are gorgeous too. We can’t quite believe how good this is. But as we found ourselves enthusiastically singing the falsetto parts, we are already saying everything about it.

Bo Elledge – Persistent Dude

We know Valentine’s day was last week and we haven’t completely ignored it. As much as we feel the day itself was created for everyone to spend money when they can’t take themselves out any other day, we couldn’t ignore Bo Elledge latest release Persistent Dude. Picking up on a classic rock-on-folk guitar and a Johny Cash and June Carter like style, this is a modern take that showcases how perfect song-writing simplicity can sound like. Middle of the song they change it up slightly with a sax/trumpet in the back and some legendaries “wow-wow” that stay in our head the entire day. They finish it up with a beautiful piano twist too. Beautiful little thing.

Have a nice week!!

WtMM team.