[PREMIERE] Ed Ling – Stars Of The 80s

Stars Of The 80s sounds like a gentle familiar breeze that calms us down every time.

Ed Ling Stars Of The 80s Premiere WtMM

Ed Ling’s newest track Stars Of The 80s sounds a like a nice breeze that every time it comes by, we feel at home. Kind-of secure. In piece with our soul. That is not something easy to achieve when composing a song. But it’s something very welcome when hearing one. And is certainly what makes a song infinite.

Stars Of The 80s is taken from the forthcoming second album Aside From Sadness (available for stream and free download this Friday). Describing it more in detail we feel the vocals easily resemble the more relaxed Bon Iver characteristics. The song is at first easily identifiable by its strong piano-base. But as it seems to evolve in fastly-relaxed pace, it also easily approaches a super-melodic poem-chorus. Then the whistle comes in. Almost like a back-vocal. Or a melodic wind representation. Certain and beautiful every time.

Aside From Sadness is Ed Ling’s second album after the solid debut with Transatlantic Meditation back into 2015 (you can stream/download it for free here). Like all the songs from the upcoming album, The song is both 80’s pop infused, and inspired by the sad death of Ed’s father. About it, he says:

“Ten years on, I wanted to reflect on how life had changed for the better and that in many cases, Dad’s death was the catalyst for that change. That’s where the album title, Aside From Sadness came from.”

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