Steven Bamidele – Things Could be Better

Regarding Steven Bamidele's voice, things can't be any better. This is the most beautiful thing you're going to hear in a very long time.

“Steven Bamidele, is a 23 year old songwriter and producer from London”. This is how we start a lot of articles regarding new emerging artists. It’s no wonder. London is a city exploding with talent. Somehow, for Steven Bamidele, the story is different. This is a case of sensibility and depth with rare parallel. And we could say that just by listening to his first song: You Can’t Put Out This Fire. The vocals are from another world. The piano base is there, to keep is grounded to our sentiments. And the lyrics are deep and touching. And everything mixed together sounds unreal for someone that is only putting out his first song.

Still, and some how fortunately. We’ve not been listening to Steven since his debut track, but from the instant we heard Things Could Be Better. Released a couple of weeks ago. This is a track that pushes the emotional charged vibe further, but also one that involves it with an even bigger vocal range. “No one really knows what they’re part of, tim it finally spits them out.” Sentences like these are allied which such intensity, that we are forced to compare him to acts like Sampha. Not just in the vocals, nor the lyrics, but also melody and composition wise. Certainly among the most beautiful songs composed this year. And we might be understating here.

If like us you feel like you found a new favorite act. Follow him on the links bellow:



P.S. We are now two years old. Thanking everyone that visited and supported us, we have to say the fact that these kind of artists keep popping for us to text about, is what truly honors and moves us.