[TGIF] Living Cups

From folk, to rock, to indietronic, passing through strong characters and biding causes. These are the best releases we've heard last week.

TGIF Living Cups Sara Renberg Alex Rushfirth Sam Vance-Law Marmalakes Veronica Bianqui Saux

There aren’t 2 without 3, right? We’ve been enjoying our Mondays the right way, and for that reason we give you the 6 songs responsible for that. Released around last week and spamming about almost any indie genre, let these get into your ears and flow into year heart.

Alex Rushfirth – I Live It

Alex Rushfirth is a an alt-pop sensation we fall in love the first time we heard. I Live It was the responsible for that. This is a paced mixed between some very nice crafted vocals and a guitar-drum simple (and Ben Howard like) riff that turns into a very very catchy condiment, the more we listen to it. Don’t believe us? Dare to press play.

Sam Vance-Law – Gayby

We’ve presented Sam Vance-Law upon his first release the marvellous PrettyboyAt that time we described him as an act that “sounds strangely and overwhelmingly refreshing.” Some months later his release of Gayby, a song that seems to be about an hypothetical daughter and a gay couple, brings back those vibes. The 80’s inspired video-clip serves again as the basis of a both entertaining and very unique track that incorporates a great deep (and effortless) vocal with a masterpiece indie-simplistic composition. The Smiths would be proud.

Marmalakes – New Sweden

Austin-based Marmalakes are one of those bands easy to embrace fully from the beginning. The second single taken from their debut LP (May 11th) entitle New Sweden was released a few days ago and is a great mix of indie rock with relatable folk-like vocals and some genuinely easy-going-fully-inspiring melodies. Among the most easy songs we’ve heard all year, and for sure one we will listen time and time again throughout the year. Looking forward for what should be one of the albums of the year.

Sara Renberg – Elderly Lesbians

A bit like Courtney Barnett but with a proper twist, Sara Renberg latest song Elderly Lesbians might, at the first glimpse, sound too much. However like a proper indie introspective ballad, is also genius. Accompanied by a clear and constant acoustic guitar she sings about daily-living curiosities that inflate her mind in a song that is both ironic, sad and current. And we truly can see past the lents of her glasses. At least, we feel it. Elderly Lesbians is a song for grown ups, and mind-wise.

Veronica Bianqui – Sunday Cups

“Sunday Cups are best used on Sundays, blowin’ up ain’t right on any other day…”. Sunday Cups beginning with Veronica Bianqui’s strong vocals are the proper introduction to another solid rock banger from her. This sort of indie-rock queen already left us over our heels with the previous Victim, but now she pushes it forward. Sunday Cups is both relaxed and rocking and uses of the same recipe: her vocals, and her guitar. Both awesome. Both legendary.

Saux – Lukewarm (Only You)

80’s-swag-and-funck infused, Saux is back. Like the previous For I Know released about a year ago, Lukewarm (Only You), is a great incorporation of electronic elements with a very modern falsetto like vocal smartly and tastefully modified. Sounding like a both danceable and warm song, the guitar chops, the hooks, the Blood Orange like compositions… Everything is in the right place for success.

Have a nice week!!

WtMM team