[PREMIERE]: Elizsabeth – My Comfort Zone

2018 is the year of empowerment and Elizsabeth's voice is the one to guide you into brave new worlds.

Elizsabeth My Comfort Zone Premiere WtMM

Elizsabeth is an alternative singer/songwriter and a sel-love advocate who is creating a wonderful collection of songs. These are all inspired by stories of self love and self preservation.

In her second single, My Comfort Zone, Elizsabeth exposes the idea of becoming too comfortable in your own fragil gloominess and caresses the bravery of seeking new, brighter realities. The whole purpose is to encourage other not to settle and a friendly reminder you never know the greatness that awaits you if you just have the power to take a step outside your comfort zone.

[su_quote cite=”Elizsabeth”]The message of My Comfort Zone is very close to home for me because it helped remind how important it is to keep growing and keep going no matter how comfortable my mind has made the darkness seem or how unknown the alternative is.[/su_quote]

Her gentle vocals sound as an angel is guiding you towards the light. A gentle reminder that sometimes your comfort zone is a bit too lonely and you worth enough and strong enough to venture out to happier places. The piano-based and choir-backed song has an ethereal aura to it, and the faster-paced bits make you gain momentum and  feel empowered.

[su_quote cite=”Elizsabeth”]I’m using my music, including My Comfort Zone, and social media to be a source and place for anyone to be reminded that they are worthy, more than enough, and loved just as they are.[/su_quote]

Elizsabeth is so committed to bring awareness to the importance of self-growth and self-worth she used the hashtag #mycomfortzonechallenge, from 1st to 10th February, to have people share how they came out of their comfort zone. Check out the result and inspire yourself here.

You can pre-order My Comfort Zone here.

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