Late To The Party – Intoxicating

Want to know how to put up a good party? Start by playing Intoxicating.

Late To The Party Intoxicating ElectroMental

Today we debut a new post category. One dedicated to our love for complex and danceable house infused songs that we feel appropriate and free to listen to, for inspiration or dancing purposes. But above all for the love for all kinds of music. 

Intoxicating is the first release from Late To The Party’s phenomenal debut album The Makings of a Good Party. It starts by talking about alcohol and how it is found in intoxicating beverages. Shortly after it introduces a flamboyant sax-based beat-cadence that is indeed the representation of its title. Inspired by 40’s and 50’s sound and by how electronic that ambiance can also be, this is a song representation of “just one more drink”. You can try to stop listening halfway, you won’t be able to. And you will get back for more. Middle way the sampled voices come back in, like a proper small and circunstancial talk in a party. Just for the sax to come back in again. Truly intoxicating.

LTTP is a producer from Melbourne who samples music he likes and blends them all together to create his own unique sound. The album features sampled sounds from music across all genres, and counts the advice story of how to put up a successful party. It makes sense, and is impossible not to dance the whole way through.