Emily James – Nobody’s Baby

Nobody's Baby is a song about empowerment sung in the most beautiful vocals of 2018.

Nobody's Baby Emily James WtMM

Emily James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter, originally from New York, now based in Los Angeles. Her previous release was a self-named E.P. which she wrote entirely on her own and it speaks about the experiences and memories of a woman.

Two days prior to Emily James’s debut album Til the Morning release, we want to share with you her latest tune, Nobody’s Baby.

Nobody’s Baby is a jazz influenced track that melts you and excites you as soon as Emily’s sweet vocals kick in. We can hear some Adele, we can identify some Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse. But what we hear the most is Duffy in Warwick Avenue. It is this rare voice that evokes a vintage essence and this warm melody that can lift you up even singing about all the sadness in the world. It is a kind voice. A kind of voice we wouldn’t mind listening to all day.

The very first lines set the tone to the rest of Nobody’s Baby. Almost like a satire, she sings: “I was a rainbow, he was colorblind / An optical illusion he couldn’t recognize”. This is a song about empowerment and “better alone than in bad company”. And the funny thing? It is sung and instrumentalized in a very retro, 60’s way. In an era where women didn’t mean power, independence or strength. The contrast in uncanny and works mighty fine. You do you, go girl!

We are on our toes, waiting for Thursday! If you are like us, follow Emily on her socials to see what’s she’s up to: