DUETS AND STUFF – Serve Somebody

Serve Somebody is a gentle indie-rock triumph that slides down our ears and invades our minds easily and without tricks.

DUETS AND STUFF Serve Somebody New Secret WtMM

We are, since the first time we listened to him, true fans of Rain On Monday. We posted about him twice (here, and here) last year. Therefore we somehow recognized his touch the first time we heard DUETS AND STUFF. Even though we are not quite sure how or at what point. This new project incorporates Raimond composition capacity with the too-gorgeous and sensible vocals from Greta (his girlfriend). And the final product is something so genuine, fun and meaningful… Even though Serve Somebody is quite simple in terms of structure, is also one of the best songs we heard this year.

This is a a song that naturally talks about how, as much as we try to be independent, in the end we always work for someone else, or have to answer to other’s needs. In that way the song works as a conscience voice, and the sort of tropical beats put in, work as a perfect irony and at the same time as nice and calming elements.

“The inspiration for and the sound are much based around the marimba melody you can hear in the song… The lyrics is about how life is based on resorting to different systems and doing what is expected of you. It’s hard to let yourself live a free life and go your own way without having to serve somebody in the end.”

Serve Somebody reminds us, that as much as we are not that free from obligations, we can at least try to have fun at it. And it does it in such a very subtle way it might as well be a modern indie-rock master piece. For sure life is certainly more beautiful and simple when songs like these can slide down our ears and invade our minds so easily and without tricks.