[TGIF] Pieces of Possibilities

Get your Monday hopes up with these eight catchy and vibrant songs released last week.

We are in a mission to make Mondays better days. Therefore and for the second consecutive time we present you not 6, but 8 great songs released last week and that will get you moving through this week. From chilled out indie-rock to some catchy indie pop to some legendary merges of genres. Enjoy

Toledo – Crane Song

We were introduced to Toledo’s gentle indie-rock with the previous Hesperus, but Crane Song is for us a step forward. Starting very very smoothly calming and taking its time to grow, this is a genuine in-love composition which makes use of almost any old indie-rock trick in the book. But is perhaps in the guitar and the way it alternates two distinct paces and feelings, that Crane Song is best. We expect no less than infinite plays on this.

Valley Latini – Dark Mother

Dark Mother may have been released two weeks ago, but only now we are feeling it in its whole intensity. Valley Latini latest single is surprising in the way it infuses her powerful vocals with brave twists, deep drum-and-guitar paces, and a mysterious vibe that wraps it all. There is beauty in failure, something to sing about is just the beginning of some really good lyrics that also provide the song with an intense meaning. And, not sure if we said it already, but every time she hits those notes in the chorus we feel she is the coolest there is.

Kelsey Hayes – Is It Like That

Kelsey Hayes has such a range that she can compose and sing almost any indie-infused genre. For us, Is It Like That is where she sounds better. First because of the Jazz elements the song incorporates, and the way her vocal is absolutely perfect complement. Secondly, because in this song, she is also the right amounts of pop and uber addictive in terms of melody. Is It Like That grows from beginning to end, and one play will be enough to leave you hooked.

Evan Wize – Mrs No Good

Time for some catchy and sensual indie-pop banger. Evan Wize’s Mrs No Good takes the best of big acts like Justin Timberlake and Chet Faker and transforms it into something else. Mrs No Good is at first a synth-pop with high basses and agile vocals. At second it is a super catchy pop-rock song with the right amount of hooks and turns. And between these two also integrates some gorgeous twists into an acoustic lullaby. In all these dimensions the song sounds current, catchy as hell, danceable and obligatory. Dope.

Daniel Pearson – Pieces of a Puzzle

Folk, pop and rock into a song. Daniel Perason’s newest single Pieces of a Puzzle reminds us at first the great Lord Huron because it merges those three distinct genres in such natural way it sounds effortless. Beginning with a soft acoustic electrical guitar, Daniel’ vocals sound familiar from the first instance as much as they sound born for story-telling. The easy hooks used in the chorus are honest and give it a proper rustic melody. And the way the song builds up without especially showing it (the instrumentals just get more noticeable as story gets told) is also a rare, difficult-to-achieve and a welcoming asset. But ultimately is the way everything sounds concrete and easily relational that turns this into a great song.

Elohim – Fuck Your Money

We’ve been Elohim followers from before WtMM was born. That is the type of impact she makes. In a world filled with electro-pop catchy songs and a generalization of electronic elements into too easy hooks, she is still doing it the right way. Fuck Your Money may sound catchy as f*ck, because it is, may sound current, because it is, and may sound simple, but is not. Building this type of melody without sounding similar to almost any other electro-pop song is probably the most difficult thing on earth to achieve. Well, we think she made it. We were singing this in no time. Guilty pleasure or not, this is an awesome song. (Look at those variations in the end… sick!).

Pocket Knife Army – Charleroi

Last, but definitely not least, we present Pocket Knife Army latest Charleroi. Indietronic at its best, this is a song about achieving freedom behind a wall that works as a proper humanitarian message. Build on top of an synth wall that provides a great safety net for the vocals, xx vocals are vagrant and vigorous. Taking its time to grow, Charleroi is a true lyrical composition that has been perfectly mixed into an 80’s inspired sonority. But not only it sounds current and relevant as it is also a song that grows the more you listen to it. Oh, and the perfect video-clip (inspired by Stephan Vanfleteren book about Charleroi) helps one identify with the paper-plane metaphor further.

Alex Hedley – Possibility

Alex Hedley latest track already let us stocked, and for that reason expectations were quite high for the second. Therefore, we were glad Possibility does it again. Half singer-songwriter typically composed, half indie-rock classical felt. The guitar duality (chords and beats) is still rocking in this one (even after so many years) and the vocals are of an unexpected reach. Alex alternates between a soft train of words and an emotional high-pitching legend. And never ever sounds less than perfect. Possibility is a certainty. Alex Hedley is here to stay.

Have a nice week!!

WtMM team.