[First Play] True Adventures – Down the Line

Down the Line is a beautiful contemplation of possibilities in an harmonious and well-built folk-rock composition.

True Adventures Down The Line First Play

Everyone is in for True Adventures? As we get close to the two year-old mark we listen to more and more new acts and the no’s are getting more and more frequent. But so is the quality of the ones we say yes. True Adventures newest track, Down The Line was a no-brain from the first instance. What we first noticed about it was the way it builds on quite common indie elements (the simple guitar chords, the constant paced drums, the clearly evident melodies), to achieve an honestly felt, beautiful and relevant new experience.

Then, after several listenings, Down The Line becomes a serious case of indie love. The vocals remind us bits of Ben Gibbard, Ben Bridwell or Sam Brockington. Still, Sam Leonard way of singing sounds effortless and super friendly. A best-friend vocals type. Instantly calming and with the certain doses of real and wondering. The guitar-drum progression also have certain vibes of Deatch Cab For Cutie. But also The National ambiance is there – just listen to that progression on the … mark. The song produced by David Pye (Wild Beasts, Kate Tempest) is also strong and meaningful in the way the lyrics create a set of imaginary what if’s. A sort of rich story-telling sufficiently vague to make us construct our own imaginary scenarios.

Making justice to those notions, Down The Line is accompanied by a visually gorgeous (a bit of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty here?) movie-like video-clip which imagines life on the Norwegian Fjords.

The track is officially released and available on all major digital outlets tomorrow (2nd February). But we liked it so much we are considering moving to Norway today.

To follow Sam Leonard’s project more closely (like the heartbreak debut single North Atlantic Ocean) follow the links bellow: