[TGIF] Virtual Rapture

If you don't feel like working, just grab these eight gems released last week.

WtMM TGIF Virtual Rapture

Sometimes late is better than never. Others, late is just on time. This time, TGIF comes at Monday as natural experiment to improve our readers week. So, without further ado, these are not 6, but 8 great songs released last week and that we will treasure for the rest of the year.

Elley Duhé – Can You Touch

Sometimes we can’t help to love a dope indie-pop song. Elley Duhé latest song Can You Touch takes whats best with a Miley Cirus song and adds a wide variety of her own singularities and edgy vocal tricks. Can You Touch was released with two distinct versions (below his the stripped one) and is already heating the sensation mark all over the indie world. With production from Rahki (Kendrick Lamar, Eminem), this is not only super catchy but one of those songs that could play all over the radio all year long, and be covered by almost any influential artist. Mainly because of the combination between vocals and hyper melodic build.

Bengal Lancers – Eclipse

Foals-like evolution is not for everybody. Bengal Lancers are a Leicester-university-formed band which sonority clearly shows how much they truly rock with each other. Eclipse was released three days ago and shows their alt-rock strength. Guitar-infused and with some pretty remarkable high vocals. This is the type of song that evolves into a musical catharsis as naturally as their members breath. A song that is about breaking up, or about the singularities behind each individual way of dealing with loss in that way, and a perfect indie-rock portray that brings back some Placebo vibes too.

Fergus – You Or Nothing

Soon you press on the following play button you’ll be stocked. For us, the acoustic guitar quickly transported us to a Daughter ambiance. Then, when the voice came in we were even more hooked. Sensibility and good taste, emotional constraint and a remarkable representation of grieve on a song. This is Fergus. And this is his debut track. You Or Nothing takes away all the worlds attention while it lasts. Hard to believe this is “just” a voice and a guitar.

Zach Alwin – Bad Dance Moves

Everybody get duck funk right now. Zach Alwin wants to see Bad Dance Moves and is not affraid to show them. In a proper funk-rock song, that incorporates some of the feeling of bands like Scissor Sisters , this is a great dancing and shameless funny and good vibes track. The clip is not only legendary but fully epic, and if by the end of it you are not dancing around something might be wrong with you.

Krakow Loves Adana – Rapture

Krakow Loves Adana is, by now, a serious case of compulsive listening around here. Not only because of the 80’s inspired (Drive-like) electronic vibes but mainly because of the melancholic-akward uniqueness enchantment of Deniz Cicek’s deep vocals. Rapture, their newest song, is a beautiful ode to her childhood and growing up listening to cassettes, mixtapes and the brutal feelings that are born while listening to songs and falling secretly in love with or around them.

Oso Leone – Virtual U

Directly from nuestros hermanos Oso Leone, comes Virtual U. A distinct indietronic almost ambient experiment that works us over every single time we listen to it. Both calming and sensual, a bit Rhye, a bit Sade, a bit overwhelming. Virtual U is repetitive without ever sounding like it and as a matter of fact is also involving as much as a song can be. A song to which a brain can dance to, and the body can let itself go too.

 FØNX– Don’t Feel Like Lovin’

We’ve introduced FØNX some months ago with a short interview and from then to now he has managed to surprise us every single time. His second single Can’t Get Enough was very close to feature on our songs of the year selection, and now his third single got us dancing again. Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ is a great infusion of indie-pop with some rock elements and very very catchy RnB nuances. A song with several distinct moments and a rare and welcoming mutability that keeps us challenged for new dance skills. Even in the falsetto the track shines the whole way through. And those guitar solos followed by those Daft Punk sick samples… We could go on the entire day.

Sharna Bass – Buss A 9

Last but certainly not least, Sharna Bass’ Buss A 9 came in stealing the day like no other song this week. Beginning with a semi-electronic subtle sample (that accompanies the song the whole way through) the song hits greatness soon the vocals enter. Even if a song that begins with the chorus might feel short later, this one does not. Everything is so melodic and that in between from RnB, Hip Hop and tasteful pop elements, is just unique perfection. A bit like Gnash monster hit, this one should put Sharna Bass on everybody’s radar. So freaking good it actually sounds insufficient every time we hear it. So we hear it again. And again.

Have a great week!!

WtMM team.