[PREMIERE] Chasing Ella – Jet Lag

Jet Lag is a tender indie-rock song that involves us into feeling gently numb. Like a proper contemplation.

Tennessee-based Jason Wozniak is Chasing Ella. And the second chapter of this 20-years old story is a nice and tender-rock Jet Lag.

With introductory vocals resembling a bit John Grant, but with a less deep tone; the track soon turns up a notch sounding naturally like a merge between soft indie-rock and melodic indie-pop. Here and there are also bits of some 80’s rock. And in a gentle evolution the track produces that kind of honesty and soul-speaking vibe. Pre-recorded in Wozniak’s home studio, he also played every instrument in it (but the drums). According to him it tells the story of drifting friends and their search for answers:

“Jet Lag is a song I wrote in early 2016 about a dear friend of mine who (what felt like out of no where) decided to move to the other side of the world… I think it’s a natural human instinct [the desire to have an explanation for everything] and at the time I wasn’t really sure where to place the blame, other then myself. Ultimately, it really had nothing to do with me. But Jet Lag speaks into my feelings of abandonment and longing for consistent relationship in that season in my life.”

Chasing Ella second EP (where Jet Lag and the beautiful 80’s inspired Your Moment will be included) is set to release in 2018. To hear more about it follow Chasing Ella in the links bellow: