[PREMIERE] Nick Shattuck – Cliffside

Cliffside is an instant brain-melter, and a super-canorous indie-rock composition.

Photo by Abbyshoot
Nick Shattuck Cliffside Premiere WtMM

Nick Shattuck newest song Cliffside is an ode to to sea, but also an ode to beautiful and heartfelt indie-rock songwriting.

Cliffside is inspired by the time Nick’s life in Southern California and the time he spends on the water. Working like a metaphor for life itself, he says “there are trails there that will lead you down to a rocky beach”. He used to spend a lot of time exploring the pools that would form on the gigantic rock slabs exploring the low tide and then get back up as the light burnt out in the ocean. Taking proper inspiration from that he sings the chorus.

“In between the crashing water below, there’s a silence you can never make. If you listen in that moment you’ll know, life is bloody but it’s beautiful”.

Therefore this is a song about embracing the beautiful sides of life and favour the good over the unjustified flaws: “nature has a way of reminding you what’s truly important in life”, he says.

Still Cliffside embraces that feeling in more than one way. Sonority-wise, this is a super engaging song first of all due to the roughness and hoarseness of Nick’s vocals. Secondly, the guitar-based progression naturally reminds Ben Howard king of songwriting. And God knows there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The abrupt but melodic twists and the way the guitar always serves as his best companion, always gaining in power. In depth and meaning. And finally the so rare and beautiful way the rest of the instruments come in without shying the song’s strengths. Dope song.

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