Cautious Clay – Juliet & Caesar

Are you ready for Cautious Clay? 2018 just got catchy and saxy.

Photo by Amos Adams
Cautious Clay Juliet & Caesar WtMM Meeting of the Day

By now you should have heard of Cautious Clay. Not only the name is pure genius, but we ensure you, the way he sounds too. And Juliet & Caesar is the perfect entrance point.

Juliet & Caesar is a phenomenon. There is no other way to put it, really. Released just around the corner between 2017 and 2018, this is a soulful delivery that merges several other modern elements of indie music. All of this with tasteful electronics and a characteristic sax making their way through. Cautious Clay’ third single hooks us on the first 20 seconds. As the vocals flow we are perplexed with the way this makes sense. Sensibility and good taste, rhythmic and uber melodic, catchy and efficient. Juliet and Caesar were probably meant for each other because this is a song made to be loved. “Ooooh, oooh“, here we go again with the play button. Just under three minutes of what music is all about: magic.

Cautious Clay previous releases are nothing short of wonder either. Joshua Tree is filled with the same recipe of a magic merge of soul, electronic and je ne sais quoi. The chorus is broad and conquering, the lyrics are personal and sensible. The sax is something else. Cold War is more contained and almost hip-hop based. Introduces a less urgent progression but keeps the same natural evolution until an almost Bon Iver chorus arrives. A freaking awesome merge of soul into a tender zoo of genres.

Cautious Clay three first songs are so good we had to talk about them all. For sure already one of our favourites of the year. And we can’t keep our excitement regarding what’s up next, his debut EP. Blood Type is coming next month. Be sure to be ready.