[TGIF] Collectable Blackbirds

6 brand new tunes to end your Sunday the best way possible.

WtMM Collectable Blackbirds

Thank God It’s Friday! Once again, Sunday. Yes, we know… Well, this week was a quite productive week in the music industry and here are our top 6 choices, ranging from high-energy rock to singer-songwriter indie and some pretty exciting debuts!. Enjoy!

The Go Ahead – On My Side

On My Side is the new single of The Go Ahead, taken from their E.P. In Harms Way. This song starts in the best way possible: with a strong female voice acapella. It immediately draws you in . The guitar kicks in and every instrument else joins the party, elevating the energy to the roof, where it stays throughout the track. This is, for sure, a pick me up energy booster to end the weekend on a high note!

Paul Zinnard – Tracy Stacey and Me

Paul Zinnard is a Spanish-based folk-rock project whose vocals and pace leave no space for any accent or short-of-breath guitarist. Having already released 4 LPs, Tracy Stacey and Me is a gorgeous advance for his fifth album entitled Songs for a Better Pastand perhaps the best compliment we can do is that we could easily see Courtney Barnett singing and performing this. Vocally engaging, pacy, flowy and very very convincing, this is a hell of a song that even sounds a bit like Dire Straits.

Noür – So Strong

So Strong is the debut single of Noür, taken from the Beauty for freedom EP out February 2018. Once again, the focal point is her unique and deep voice, a powerful instrument to deliver powerful messages. So Strong is filled with soul vibes, hip-hop consciousness and reggae influences. A killer combination Noür dominates. If this is what she delivers on her first “outing”, we are excited for what’s to come! This is one artist to keep an eye on.

Kutch – Collectable

This is the very first single by Kutch, a super duo comprised by Colin Kutchyera and La+ch. Collectable is an electro pop tune and great satire-like track that unveils the problems of a relationship, comparing it with (you might have guessed it) collectables. It might have been a valuable relationship taken for granted: “We were a Cabernet Sauvignon (…) but you used it to make red sauce”; that should “have been collectables”. Also, Collectable took more than seven months to shoot since it features real-life collectors with their most cherished possessions!

Xul Zolar – Fear Talk

Fear Talk is the second single out of Xul Zolar’s homonymous debut record, out now.  This is a song that might sound familiar, perhaps the beginning in the likes of Rationale’s Something for Nothing, but with a rougher side to it. The guitars are harsher and so are the melodies, making it a darker tune. The use of electronics is pristine in this track and we look forward to hear the rest of the record.

Avante Black – Blackbirds

Avante Black released earlier this week their 4th track entitled Blackbirds. This is a singer-songwriter indie, alt-pop tune that reminds a bit Haerts and MS MR. The opening piano and her delicate vocals almost mask the dark opening lyrics “Set fire to our town, Let it burn (…)”. This sad and nostalgic lullaby is quite a conundrum. Although the melody and rhythm don’t really change throughout the track, there is a certain build up we can’t really point out the culprit. There are subtle layers added that contribute to this effect, and this is very clever composition. Avante Black, we are ready for more!

See you next week,
WtMM Team