[PREMIERE] Nomad – All Of My Heart

All Of My Heart is the perfect showcase of how an indie-pop song can be catchy, tasteful and very easy to love.

Photo by Simon Moore
Nomad All Of My Heart WtMM Premiere

Nomad are a New-Zeland pop-rock trio whose third song continues their solid indie-pop journey of indie-pop. Their fifth track, All Of My Heart, is released today. A song that brings back a merge between alternative pop and some very catchy radio-like vibes.

From the first instances, the deep vocals hide the vocalist’ 19 years of age. “Lately I’ve been forgetting…” is enough to hook us completely. There is a certain pop honesty about it, as there are also huge amounts of creative freedom inspired from 90’s inspired indie-rock. Contributing even further to a solid opening, the drums and guitars soon come in. Accompanied by a whole duo of back vocals. All Of My Heart evolves naturally to a more pop approach as the chorus approaches, and there is almost a comfort in that. This is a beautiful demonstration of how indie songs can easily turn into very singable hits and instant radio wonders.

Nomad are releasing their debut album on April 6th and you should also check their previous singles Love Will Call, I Will Find You, Oh My My and I Won’t Stop. For news and music on first hand you should follow them on the links below: