[PREMIERE] Mines Falls – In The Rain

In The Rain is a tremendous song with an indie lyricism and a commitment that makes us feel levitating

Mines Falls In The Rain Premiere WtMM

If Mines Falls debut with My New House was a song we adored beyond boundaries, wait until you hear the second one, the wondrous In The Rain.

This brother duo from New Hampshire we have previously compared to Band of Horses have just stepped up the game. And what we previously described as a mix of post-rock with ballad nuances and indie-echoing vocals, is now also Radiohead-ish, like nothing we heard before.

Carson and Erik Lund start the song with some gentle piano that waits nothing to evolve into a background anthem. Soon the vocals get into the song, we can’t seem to focus on anything else. Incisive, melodic and hugely involving, they are also alternative in the best sense. And of an overwhelming intensity. But In The Rain is also surprising in the way it progresses to unexpected places and in unexpected ways. From indie-rock to post-rock, to even some pop infused with electronic. This is a demonstration of abundance, without ever trying too hard to be anything. Feels honest, feels intense, feels like a tremendous song.