Shadowlike – Murder

Join the dark side of indietronic with Murder.

Shadowlike Murder WtMM

Sometimes we are hit with some deep and dark songs we cannot get away from. Shadowlike’s first release with Murder is the perfect example of a song that easily turns into an obsession. As hard as it can be to explain it.

Shadowlike are an almost unknown project based on a 1970’s tape cassete deck which it’s used to record most of the sound samples. Murder is one of two tracks released to date and for us the most impactful one (you should still grab a worthful listening of the pop-tronic Brother). Filled with smart complexities and mixing elements from deep electronic, with samples from almost any classical instrumental. Everything seems so tied up that the whole background sounds like one. And the vocals… we could compare it to many soulful singers we adore (and post about). The easiness and power are all there, as also is a kind of contagious energy. And finally the twists, hooks and capacity to continuously reinvent itself.

Murder makes deep indietronic music sound like a mysterious dancing anthem. It’s also a song for almost any purpose and with an infinite intensity. One you can hear time after time and come out surprised still.