[TGIF] Agree to Disagree

Sometimes it's easier to see the colour when everything is black in white. These are 6 songs about surviving our fears and bad experiences, that make everything look better.

Thank God It’s Friday. Yes, we now… It’s almost Monday. But today we thank god we managed to got to a new week with so many songs that remind us how to succeed in facing our fears, love or human related. We hope they will help you too. Even if the only courage you need is on facing another working week, we promise these will make it better.

Stables – Disagree

We are suckers for Stables. We said it early when we introduced them in the end of 2016. For that reason we were eagerly waiting for new releases from this duo. Disagree is one of the first advances on the second album Reverie to be released next year. And once again they showcase their inner capacity of layer after layer exuding crazy beautiful and meaningful folk-rock. Built on yet again some very compelling vocals and simply backed up by an acoustic guitar and some cute drums. Even the chorus falsettos are recognisable and once again very very comfortable.

Christine Castañon –  Only You

Christine Castañon came out from nowhere. At least for us she did. We let Only You play several times in the background, and we were never quite sure what was that made us stop doing everything else to pay it more attention. Now we can described it better, we hope. Only You is delicate and sensible, almost too easy to break for its first two minutes. Until it changes a bit, and the classical instrumental in the back completely harmonizes with Christine, and stops our world. Christine vocals are not only solid, and effortless, but honest and very real. And because they sound so palpable, they speak directly to our hearts. Crazy little thing called love.

The Spencer Lee Band – Kissing Tree

Hey pretty lady, this is The Spencer Lee Band. Group lead by Kansas and LA-based multi-instrumentalist Spencer Lee, brings back some of the much needed old funk merging with some of the great modern swifts. Kissing Tree is their debut single, and a song that alternates between several genres but keeps that old funk beat in the back. He is playing Governors Ball and Bonnarroo btw. Oh yes, with nothing but this one out…

Avery Florence – Heavenly

It was about time someone released an album entitled January in January. Avery Florence is probably the first to accomplish that. But the originality does not come to an end there. Lady of a angelic but folky voice, in Heavenly (the first single which was advanced from the album), she shows how a song can be swingy, backed by traditional americana violins, but still push forward in terms of how modern it sounds. An immediately feel good song that is also a melodic beauty.

Dana Williams – There You Go

And what if after a soft melodic song, came another? Dana Williams has been compared to Ella Fitzgerald, and the comparison has not made her shy away from further efforts. There You Go is of a old-style production and completely focused on what it matters, her beautiful voice. With the solo support of an acoustic electric guitar, this sounds like a dance into the sunlight or a track to make flows grow. And the strength it transmits it’s so obvious and positive, we could not be indifferent either.

Car Seat Headrest – Nervous Young Inhumans

Well, and to end everyone in great company we could not be indifferent either to Car Seat Headrest latest Nervous Young Inhumans. With bags and bags of indie-rock complexity and an almost psychedelic vibe, this is not only a song about surviving fears of previous relationships but also a hell of an ode to never being late to remake our dreams. Nervous Young Inhumans was first released six years ago when the vocalist was 19. Now he wanted to re-record it, like he first intended. The result? Well… Pretty flamboyant.

Hope you have a nice week!

WtMM Team.