Son Lux – Slowly

Son Lux just released their latest single Slowly off their 5th LP. Do you really need more info to hit the play button?

son lux slowly wtmm

The time has come for Where the Music Meets (finally!!) feature Son Lux. This has been one of our favourite bands of all time.

Son Lux just released Slowly, the 2nd single off Brighter Wounds, their 5th L.P. out February 9th, 2018.

We feel there’s a lot to say about Son Lux before delving into the single itself. For us, this is the most accessible experimental band to the general public. Their work always tends to revolve around dark and sparse electronica, just like a gloomy, misty dream. And one might think that there’s only so much one can create on that small niche of a genre, but Son Lux prove everyone wrong. Their work is endlessly characteristic of themselves, but also endlessly renewed and original. Slowly is the proof of this argument right here. Their 5th L.P. is coming, and we know it will be yet another masterpiece by this amazing trio.

[su_quote cite=”Ryan Lott via National Public Radio” url=””]A lie is a drug. It treads the line between poison and medicine. Slowly deals with the ability of untruth to evolve into reality, and then function as a drug. But can a lie be a salve? Must we always bear the burden of believing what is real?[/su_quote]

Slowly lie to me like you do when you tell the truth
Slowly lie to me like I need you to do so I can hear you say something that sounds right

The single was release accompanied by a truly beautiful and mesmerizing video that celebrates cinematography itself. A representation of lies or bad memories is being retrieved and then ingested, as the “patients” lie immotile and with their mouths covered. This dramatic, hyper-realistic representation depicts how some lies may be needed by others: it may not be the best for you, but it is what you or others need in that moment. It keeps a bad relationship going, it keeps the world turning. Powerful stuff.

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