[PREMIERE] Heather Jayne – The Power

Heather Jayne debut is a force of nature.

Heather Jayne The Power Premiere WtMM

Nineteen year old singer-songwriter Heather Jayne is releasing her debut single The Power tomorrow. Now is the time to press play below and come back to this after a bit. If you’re wondering if you read it right, you did. Nineteen years of age. Yep.

The Power is first of all pop infused. The beginning tells it pretty clearly. But it is also undeniable that the vocals are the center of this. Because of that, it would be expectable that the chorus would have an hard time showing off the song even more. We could not be more mistaken. Picking up an huge bass and a powerful indietronic flow, Heather’s vocals find the perfect company. And then there are the lyrics:

Baby you should be a little wiser / and you should learn not to play with fire / baby you’ll never learn but you will get what you deserve / this is the hour and I have the power

After a couple of plays these words pretty much flood our mind. And from the first chorus on, she plays with it around like a child that didn’t get what she wanted (and she is very convincing in doing that too). If in the beginning the rough-glamour sounded at bits like Lana Del Rey, soon the energy that combines vocals, beat and riffs, sounds much more Lorde-ish and overwhelming.

The Power is not only a solid debut from Heather Jayne, but a vocal-tronic bomb. A hell of a song we would not be surprised to hear all over the radio.

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