WTMM Best Songs Of 2017

From New Secrets to TGIFs and Meetings of the Day, these are our 25 favorites of 2017.

Best Songs of 2017 WtMM

The time has come for us to try to accomplish the almost impossible task of choosing the best songs of the year. From about the 300 songs we’ve talked about this year, these are the bread and butter, the crème de la crème, the ones we cannot get enough of. Two thousand and seventeen, it has been a pleasure.

25. Josh Savage – Ghosts

Josh Savage, in true indie form, is a self-managed, self-produced, independent artist that happens to create amazing indie-folk tunes. The 25th best single of 2017 is his Ghosts.

24 – Mosa Wild – Smoke

The super melodic flow in the track (explained by Alex Stevens guitar, but also by the bass-drums synthetic rhythm which never sounds repetitive) and the way Jim Rubaduka voice is both friendly and seemly effortless, everything about Mosa Wild’ Smoke sounds successful.

23 – Tomara – Coffee and Toast

The first advance of Tomara’s debut album is certainly among the most beautiful songs we heard this year. Coffee and Toast is of gentle composure and good taste. A song built from the basis of a beautiful piano melody softly articulated with brief drums and a Portuguese guitar.

22. Seramic – I Got You

Seramic‘s I Got You was the first time ever we featured a song twice. This is a song that grew on us in an almost obsessive manner. If you haven’t heard the song before, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you’re in for a master-piece of a video-clip.

21. Alex The Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding

Not Worth Hiding is a song that never drops it’s cadence, originality or overall happy vibe. Filled with distinct instruments, from a deep and constant drums, to a subtle guitar and a beautiful violin in the background, it is also Alex voice which turns it into something special.

20. NoMBe – Wait

Wait is filled with sultry determination, flirty innuendos and a super guitar that ties everything together. The first few lines say it all: “I won’t wait this time, no, not now, not again, not much longer (…) Let’s make it last forever ’cause the night is still young“. It can’t get any more straightforward than this.

19. Naaz – Words

It is very refreshing to hear a song and see a video that evokes beauty, inclusion and admiration in a very effortless way. Words is such a happy, upbeat song that really gets to you, your heart and your smile. It is impossible to not start immediately humming to the song.

18. Julianna Zachariou – Things I’ll Never Know

Things I’ll Never Know is such a delight to listen to. It feels like a modern take on Bossa Nova and Jazz. Such a fresh vulnerability, such a seductive way of singing, such groovy femininity! The track varies so much during its three and a half minutes that it is impossible to predict every turn it takes.

17. The Kite String Tangle – This Thing We Got

This Thing We Got turns everything up again like a fashion show of feelings enlightened by the perfect indietronic cat-walk song. Although this is ultimately a romantic song, it does not shy away from any dancing vibes. And we like this thing we got.

16. Ry Jones –  Wherebouts

The guitar and Ry’s voice are in constant harmony from the first seconds, as is the piano and the soft drums. Wherebouts is an ongoing, non-stopping musical progression from beginning to end, in a sort of hymn until all the elements come together (around the two minute mark). The final minute is indie chill at its max exponent.