[TGIF] Details in the Night

Start 2018 in the melodic side of things with these six gently placed super-melodic tracks.

Details in the Night TGIF WtMM

Thank God It’s Friday! (technically Sunday, but the year started a bit crazy at this side). The first week of 2018 has completely flown by, but to compensate the intense rhythm we have been hearing to some slow-paced super-melodic songs, and somehow everything sounds more controllable this way. So here they are, the first songs of the year from us.

Sterile Cuckoo – Details in Feathers

Details in Feathers is the first release of Sterile Cuckoo’s album Elysian (available on BandCamp here). The song is defined as the soundtrack for this indefinable moment between sleep and wake, for situations full of dreamy nostalgic memories and the burdens of reality. And there really is no better way to describe it. The dreamy electronica brings an ethereal, soothing vibe to this tune and the distant vocals just tie everything together.

Pat Devlin – Time Won’t Fix

Sometimes the best, most improbable, or unexplainable favourites come from nowhere. It is that the case with Pat Devlin, a Soundcloud-less, Facebook-less, Spotify treasure that have been captivating us with his slowly-built hyper-melodic indie-folk bangers. Time Won’t Fix is the perfect example of the thoughtful song with both a classical and modern edge. Music fixes everything Pat. At least this one does.

Jessi Mason – Night Owl

Jessi Mason released Night Owl, alongside the homonymous E.P. on the 5th of January. Night Owl is a melancholic lullaby infused with small victories, one of which is howling at the moooooon. This folk inspired track is quite the appetite opener to the Night Owl E.P. and we can’t wait to dig into it.

Misty Mtn – Greener

Brooklyn-based, NYC-inspired, Montana-raised Misty Mtn first single is Grenner the more you listen to it. The gentle-building, pop-commercial vocals from Morissa Trunzo are infectiously built on Lucas Segall’ indietronic skills accomplishing what possibly is a new genre: a darker and more melancholic kind of pop.

Andrew Goldring – Lost In The Motion

There are a lot of new artists and bands trying to sound contemporary or wanting to achieve the perfect americana sound. But very few can in fact do that. Andrew Goldring is among those few who can. Lost In The Motion is a gentle destination of style and taste. Well crafted vocals perfectly built into a romantic and psychedelic vibe. And those crazy buzzing guitars that make a desert look like a place for dreams.

Jason Nolan – Late Night City Hawks

This one we recommend listening with headphones on! We absolutely loved this tune for several reasons. the first is Jason Nolan is on top of his groovy/funk game. The second (and main) one is that there is a group of sounds moving from one ear to the other, imitating what the video depicts: Two figures wander[ing] aimless, disorientated, through a vast labyrinth of utopian structures. The intro is to die for and the saxophone-jazzy bits make Late Night City Hawks awaken.


Have a nice week!!!

WtMM team.