[Best of December] I’m With Her – See You Around

I'm With Her overwhelming harmonies were the Frog's highlight of the last month of the year.

Every month with the help from o S A P O M u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G we select the best song of the month. The selected song is entitled to a special drawing. For the last month of the year she was especially inspired by the power of I’m With Her vocal harmonies. If you haven’t heard it yet, you are in for a treat. 

Close to Christmas Bea talked about I’m With Her live version of their latest single See You Around. She introduced them as “angel-like vocals over a sweet country-folk arrangement”. Or as a trio that “sounds like a trip down memory lane, bringing back huge hits like Miranda Lambert and the irish The Corrs”.

For the Frog, sometimes words are not really necessary to describe why a song like this can move, inspire, or give that extra strength we are craving for. But perhaps the own explanation of the trio meaning is enough to explain it. “I’m With Her is all about looking forward to the future without disregarding some pretty strong notions of boldness”. Everything else can be easily taken from the power of their vocals a few seconds into the song.

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