I Alexander – Sturdy Thoughts

Sturdy Thoughts is a contemplative mix of several genres into a dream pop beauty.

I Alexander Sturdy Thoughts WtMM

While we are still preparing our best of’s of 2017, and already spotted some songs from this fresh new year, we are still in awe with some. It is that the case with I Alexander latest mech of a single entitled Sturdy Thoughts.

I Alexander is the project formed by Pedro Barquinha, Mike Robinson ,Dominic Mekky , Jane Chan, Kate Maloney and Emma Frank. While they’ve been producing songs for the last six years, their first official release happened this year with Divide. Sturdy Thoughts is the second step in this unique mix of genres. From the classical backgrounds, to the experimental instrumental arrangements, and the ethereal vocals. Everything sounds taken from a dream. And definitely the video that accompanies the single helps in that endeavour.  

Lisbon-born (and Brooklyn-based) Pedro Barquinha is the head of the project, and his vocals are a sort of gentle lace that ties everything together. But the reason why we love Sturdy Thoughts so much is its inexplicable form and product. We’ve never heard anything quite like this. And that, in todays’ indie-music world, is as unique as a diamond. Oh and as beautiful too.

With the debut album coming up around the corner (12th January), you should really follow them for fresh updates:

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