[TGIF] The last gems of the year

This year deserves a proper ending, doesn't it? These are the last 8 tunes of the year. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

TGIF The last gems of the year Where the Music Meets

This year deserves a proper ending, doesn’t it? To celebrate the last of TGIF of the year we’ve compiled a special selection of tracks. Covering songs released in the last month, this is where we pay homage to all the great songs we heard this year. So, without further ado, these are the last beautiful representations of why we loved 2017 so much.

Aidan & the Wild – Going Home

We’ve heard Ainda & the Wild for the first time in the beginning of this month. We tried to resist it (as we try with any submission we get), we listened to them a couple of times first. And then we listened to it several couple more. In the end we not only could not resist it, but it grew so much on us that it started to sound like home. And that is everything we can hope from a song, isn’t it? Going Home is paced folk mixed with some Two Door Cinema Club indie-rock, high-caliber story-telling vocals, and a fresh punch of good taste.

Alex Hedley – Home

“I just wanna touch your mind”. When we get to the end of the year with such an honest Dylan-like song like the last song from Alex Hedley, we know everything is going to be Ok. Home is a true beauty of a song in the way it doesn’t try to be more than an honest indie-rock-folk song. Everything in the lyrics screams honesty, the vocals are always up and frontal to the song, and the chorus is catchy, delicate and truly memorable. A song we could hear any given day of 2018.

Burudu – Light Up The Room feat. Franziska

Burudu are Nakul and Sahil, India-based duo which started working together five years ago. Fusing every other genre that inspires their musical minds, their sound evolved into some kind we cannot fully describe. Light Up The Room is for us the highlight of Ditties, a magical album released last month. It bases itself on clear minimal electronics, but putts in some pretty epic vocals from German singer Franziska Ge. In its whole it sounds like a necessary mix of musical distinct cultures. An energetic, mind-blowing, ambitious, and very very unique effort. And we can say without much doubt this is one of the most surprising and fulfilling songs we’ve heard through 2017.

Diji Parq – New Shirt

(Brand) New Shirt is the latest song from the duo Ryon Baharloo and John Monds, a.k.a. Diji Parq. Produced by Mike O, this is a great fusion between a very friendly and melodic Hip Hop and Pop. The song begins and flows by backgrounded by a video-game proper indietronic sample. The vocals contribution alternate between the two genres in an effortless way. And the chorus is as catchy as possible. Should be everywhere in 2018. It really should. Oh and it brings up every ones spirit, and that’s always a plus in our book.

Natalie Quevedo – Waiting

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Natalie Quevedo has achieve the perfect combination of Jazz and RnB with an Americana punch. With a distinctive voice and seriously doped by the jazz simplicity, Waiting destiles stile and comfort in the right doses. So good and surprising it is almost impossible to guess which kind of turn the song will take at every corner. Perfect to kiss 2017 goodbye with good vibes.

Plateau Green – Fair

Sometimes we need songs to give us all the necessary life vital comfort. Fair the second song taken from Plateau Green debut EP, is a song that provides just that. Coldplay-like, and as intimate as possible, this slow-paced piano-drum based song is a violation of simplicity, a necessary composition for a greater good.

Sam Reaver – Brace for the Ride

Sam Reaver is still “banging out on the real instruments” and thank god he still is. Brace for the Ride not only focuses on great positive lyrics but merges that with nice vocals and a genuine indie-rock-pop composition. It brings back some of the old 90s songs for us, but it also floods us with good spirits for the ride that 2018 will be.

Lawrence Lui – Honey So Blue

Looking for something different to end the year on a high note? Lawrence Lui beautiful and genius mix of genres in Honey So Blue got us by the guts! Nature and mechanics in one solid and harmonious composition. Twist after twist, a song to dance, wonder, dream, drink and think.  The latest song of a marvellous year.