[TGIF] Thank God It’s Christmas

Tired of the Christmas classics? Listen to these 6 new Christmas songs and renew your holiday spirits.

Thank God It's Christmas TGIF WtMM

Thank God It’s Christmas! Yes, that time of the year has come, and to continue last year motto we’ve searched for new Christmas indie songs released in the last couple of weeks! Bye bye old Christmas classics, these are the seasonal songs we all should be given a chance. Christmas spirit every where. Let’s open these gifts:

The Great Escape – Season Of Love

Tonigth we are all family, is what The Great Escape sing in this season. Season Of Love is a high paced positive composition which mixes elements of classic rock with some jazz vibes. Swinging down and forth like a proper Santa sleight,  Season Of Love is “about how wonderful the season can be: the hugs, the laughter, the food, the family – the LOVE!”. To compensate the ones who are not fortunate enough to experience it, every download of the song will be helping people in need in Venice Beach.

Luna Keller – Christmas Lights

Luna Keller Christmas Lights is as festive as touching. Sensible vocals very beautifully place in an almost classical ambiance, and even a catchy flow in the chorus. The song is inspired by her time spent in Ireland last year, and the Christmas cake she talks about sounds as delicious as appropriate. And in the end we all want that someone to spend Christmas with us to have a Merry Christmas indeed.

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Merry, Merry Christmas

With a classical flow in it, Fascinations Grand Chorus (which is probably the best band name ever) released the very appropriate Merry, Merry Christmas. The song talks about there is not better feeling than being below the Christmas tree, and focuses on the good feelings about another year that passed by gently. There are Christmas whistles in this, there are trumpets, and everything sounds like this season.

Albin Lee Meldau – Same Boat

Some songs are about Christmas, or about the Christmas vibes, without explicitly showing it. Albin Lee Meldau’ latest single Same Boat is the song that better describes Christmas solidarity for us. “When the night is coming and I’m missing my bed/friend, maybe we are all in the same boat”. Melodic and overwhelming, sung from the heart, this should be a seasonal classic as much as any of the great. And yes, you will be singing this in no time.

Paul Thomas Saunders – Christmas, The Sequel

We’ve been Paul Thomas Saunders’ fans for as long as we can remember. When we heard of the release of a Christmas original this year we knew it was just a matter of getting our hands on it. Indeed Christmas, The Sequel embraces everything about the Christmas spirit we hold on too. Emotive and powerful, movie-like too, in Paul’s words this is a sort of Christmas apocalypse theme song. In our words this is as melodic as Christmas gets, and that is not an under-statement.

The Lighthouse And The Whaler – Oh Holiday!

Last but not least, The Lighthouse And The Whaler latest song Oh Holiday! is a hymn on letting go on everything and enjoying the season. The high-paced, Christmas like background is the perfect set-up for the indie-rock vocal harmonies and the ultimate proof that a Christmas song can sound like any other indie-rock track. Ultimately the positive spirit the song emanates is also highly coincidental with the way we like our Christmas to be.


WtMM Team