Equals – Husk Feat. Awks

Ready for a song that sounds like a long embrace? Husk is that song.

Equals Husk Meeting of the Day WtMM

As we get closer and closer to 2018, there are still some songs we have to give proper credit. Equals’ latest song, the marvellous Husk is definitely a song that makes justice to 2017 song quality.

Featuring the no-less-enchanting Awks, Husk is at first a R&B song. But only at first. The more we get into to it the more we see the whole range of genres it involves. There are bits of jazz – oh the mighty trumpet and the gentle piano -, there are bits of pop – just listen to his and her mixed melodies – and there are bunches and bunches of soul, funk and even hip hop. Maybe because of that we like it so much. Maybe we like it because of the incredible achieving that is mixing so many styles into a beautiful and so well built song. For us Husk, is one of the easiest to like songs of the year, as everything talks by itself. We just have to let it roll.

Its lyrics sounds about being resistant and fighting against adversities. A bit like Equals resilience on getting through on the indie music scene. Husk is the kind of song that can make any artist, known or almost secret, a force to deal with. And we definitely hope Equals get the attention they deserve with it. There is Kwabs in this, there is Lauryn Hill in this, there is Coolio in this. And there are a bunch of genius feelings as well. A song that embraces like a long and meaningful hug. A rare piece of well-being.