[TGIF] Twisted for Good

One week to Christmas, and a week filled with great songs. These were our favourite ones.

TGIF Twisted for Good

Thank God It’s Friday (or Saturday, but who is counting?). As we get closer to Christmas, a bunch of great songs have been released making our job harder than ever this week. For that reason, while you go through these 6 songs you should expect them to be very good. And they definitely are. Great pop songs, heartfelt singers and a beautiful amount of variety. These are the ones who got as twisted in the good way.

Jen Miller – No Good

Starting things off, we have the Ohio-based independent producer, singer and songwriter Jen Miller. Her newest song No Good is everything we need built into a powerful pop song. Backed up by a strongly crafted mixture of almost every instrument, it’s in Jen’s overwhelming vocals that the song finds its utmost capacity. Sounding like a mixture of Woodkid instrumental power and Rihanna’s highest star quality, No Good sounds like a bomb. A bit like herself too (yeah, this is her eight single of the year).

Aaron Taos – Twisted

We talked about Aaron Taos in the beginning of the year. And we are still talking about him in the end of the year. If that does not say much about this guys quality, his latest single will. Twisted, is filled with a hard to qualify singing that mixes indie-pop flow with a sort of sung rap. I don’t know what it is, but your love got me Twisted, he sings, and we don’t know what it is, but he got us dancing. The song is about being stupid and blind about loving someone. But the amount of vocal melody, and the way the vocals are built into a very very catchy indie-pop-beat, is what really stands out. There is a bit of Arctic Monkeys flow too. Indie-pop at its best.

Wild Child – The One

Wild Child have been making great songs for almost 8 years now. And even if we don’t usually post about so much known bands, we like our exceptions. Their latest acoustic rendition of The One (featured in their upcoming album) is definitely one of those. Raw played in a small guitar, and beautifully sung, her in a bathtub, him close by, this all about putting lyrics into a melodic song. They sing about how love can be simple, and how some drinks can make things sweeter. But they definitely sing from and to the heart. And we would bet nobody can be indifferent to this. At least nobody should.

Bedstudy – ø (Arms Away)

Coming from Orland, Bedstudy have released ø (Arms Away) some months ago, but the song only now have seen a proper video. For us it gives us the chance of making proper justice to it. Within a great simplicity, and a piano-based flow that repeats itself throughout the song, this is a great track that defies genres. Chilled back, RnB vocals with bits of soul, a storytelling cadence, an even a Sade flow. Everything about Bedstudy sound right, and familiar. The video raises awareness on transgender crime in the U.S. and the lyrics fit like a glove.

Bliss Nova – Now

The best song we’ve heard all week is Now. The new song from the synth-pop-Toledo-based brother-band Bliss Nova. Definitely 80’s inspired, with an overwhelmingly good synth instrumental, plenty of variations, a lot of unexpected turns, and constantly epic. Now is good, complex and ever tiring but also relatable and danceable. The kind of song nobody would be expecting to hear, and any body would love to have written. Indietronic in all it’s glory. We can’t wait for the new EP coming in 2018.

Anne Haight – Scratch

To us, Anne Haight sounds between Daughter and Lucy Rose, and that is nothing wrong about that. Any given day we would gladly take an attentive listen to Scratch. Fragile and inspiring, melodic with bits of electronic that seem almost classical, and with a lot of warmth to give. Sometimes is so easy to love a song. Scratch your arms and embrace this beautiful track.

Have a nice weekend!

WtMM Team.