[PREMIERE] P. F. Phillip & The Night Riders – Your Lips Are For Kissing

With an acoustic guitar showing the way, Your Lips Are For Kissing is a rare indie-rock romantic gem.

Photo by Bree Hart
P.F.Phillip The Night Riders Your Lips Are For Kissing

Everything starts with a soft acoustic guitar and some tender-like whispering vocals. But soon the song evolves, slowly-building, seems guided by a simplicity of dreams. Everything in Your Lips Are For Kissing sounds like a modern lullaby. An honest and devastating romantic storytelling effort. But if the first 4 minutes of song were already pretty deep and involving, what to say about that twist shortly after? Both P.F.Phillip and The Night Riders who accompany him, get the cadence up, like true rock gentlemen. And once the slow and easy identifiable guitar chords come back to a softer ending, the lyrics also change. And that bit of necessary hope we can extract from the end, makes of this a indie-rock poetical masterpiece.

Formed last year, P.F.Phillip & The Night Riders are a very new East London indie rock band who are now giving their first steps. Their first single, the fast-paced indie rock smasher Losing Touch is also one everyone should give a proper listening.

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