[TGIF] Toasts and Sins

From Jazz to Folk, to Soul and RnB, to even some electronic soft vibes. Sometimes the best comes on Sundays.

TGIF Toasts and Sins WtMM

Thank God It’s Friday! Well not really, but sometimes it’s not a bad idea to leave some of the best past-week releases to the beginning of the next. This six songs are no more than 5 days old, and five of them are from very new artists we’ve never talked about before. Properly headlined by our favourite new queen of indie-jazz of course. Happy December!

Violetta Zironi – Toast

Violetta Zironi newest track Toast is the ideal start for this weekend playlist. Focused on the desire for an emotional link to a significant one, Toast convinces since the first bits of her super melodic voice. But there is also an edge to the song, where the sweetness in the melody contrasts with some sort of provocative lyrics. Further than that, Violetta’s immense vocal range continues to sound like she doesn’t even has to force anything for everything to sound perfect. And that kind of Norah Jones swing is there again too.

Sam Robbins – Even in May

The second single from Sam Robbins EP, Even In May, is a short-cadence Americana-folk song about love. One of those songs which could pass by gently without we noticing it, but also one which can also give us everything we need from a song. Like love, happiness and calm. With some vocals capable of defying a well established Ed Sheeran, and a beautiful class-destiling guitar. Beautiful song.

Molly Dewolf – 8 Seconds

Molly Dewolf newest song is also a beautiful ode to loving someone. 8 Seconds makes use of her vocal range and intercalates it with some pretty sweet indietronic compositions. This apparent simplicity is all about some very clever melodic games and some pretty honest lyrics. The song is about loving someone you’ve seen as a friend for a long time. Or in other words about how coincidences and timing are sometimes all we need to acknowledge someone’s value.

Hemi Moore – All My Sins

Out of nowhere came Hemi Moore and his first release All My Sins. Sounding like a mixture of a soul with a honest and dedicated almost classic piano, this is above all an humble and genuine hymn to redemption. All My Sins seems to have been build with bits of that magic we can only found on acts like Benjamin Clementine and Sampha. And if the crazy good vocals are not enough to convince any pair of ears living in this World, the lyrics should. We will treasure this always.

Stevie Wolf – Who

Who are you, when you’re alone? That is the main question Stevie Wolf makes in his newest single Who. He does with some very unusual mixture between an electric acoustic guitar and some easy to recognise pop-star vocals. The opening to the song is among the best we’ve heard all year. And from that point on we are hooked into the rest of the song. Some beautiful variations, sweet-humorous-honest lyrics, and even a bit of some 80’s flow. There is nothing wrong with this. Or in other words, we can listen to this any time, any day.

Bret James – Thank You

Bret James recently released Thank You is probably the sassiest-grooviest song you heard all week. Opening like a Chet Faker song but with a wilder side to it, the lyrics kick in with some weedy elements and ash on the floor. Builds with some proper rap-singed vocals and a minimalistic mix between acoustic and electronic, and keeps a constant step between soul and edgy. Bret says this is all about a girl with a wild side. We want to know her.

Have a nice week!!

WtMM Team.