Dan Caplen – Two Fingers

FU, Tina.

dan caplen two finger wtmm

Has anyone asked for KWABS x Justin Timberlake R&B heaven? Dan Caplen will provide.

Dan Caplen is a Londoner of Caribbean descent, now Brixton-based emerging R&B sensation who has released debut EP Badman last year. Since then, he’s been slowly but surely dropping single after single. First of them was a choir driven masterpiece of a cover of Blinded By The Lights by The Streets.

Flat Champagne (feat. RAY BLK) was next, and it really established the R&B tone to his work. Dan Caplen seemed to be more sure of the direction and that came across in this confident and bright track.

5 days ago, Dan came back with yet another groovy and addictive tune – Two Fingers.

[su_quote cite=”Dan Caplen”]Two Fingers is about relationships in a big city… Temptation to stray is as easy as a swipe right on your phone, but I still believe that love overrules…[/su_quote]

Two Fingers talks about a girl named Tina, and later on a girl named Alice, who started a relationship with the protagonist, but kept her options wide open. In a digital and easy-quickies era, is it too much to ask for a bit of monogamy? Well, Two Fingers up to you, I don’t wanna f*ck with you, Don’t you even say my name, Karma’s killed your game is the most plausible reaction to Tina/Alice. We absolutely love, love, love the frontness of the lyrics, the rhythmic, non-stopping percussion and the overall “bright and light” way of dealing with displeasure.

This smooth R&B falls in the likes of an old favourite of ours, Raleigh Ritchie, and the vocals reminded us of Kamaliza. A great mix on our opinion! That being said, and loving the lyrics and composition, we hope this tune opens your week in the best way possible the way it did ours!

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