[PREMIERE] Jessica Murae – Like Magic

Contained but ever growing, Jessica Murae's newest song sounds exactly like its name.

Jessica Murae Like Magic Premiere WtMM

Jessica Murae begun her career about one year ago with the release of four singles (Drums, I’ll Be Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Know, Still Cold). In these we highlight the indie-rock restless approach, and a type of vocals we can only related to Florence and the Machine. The song constructions are always rich and beyond common, and that is a rare thing in today’s breaking music. On top of this, the variations from song to song showcase her song-writing ecletism and range.

From then to now she hasn’t stop a sort of magical production with two other singles released in the last six months. The highlight goes for the St. Vincent-like Wild.

However, for us none of them was as relevant and rich as her newest single. Like Magic starts off cinematic and classical, in a way the perfect introduction for such rich vocals. The piano-based background screams for her vocals. And when we hear her we’re already hooked into the song. From that point on the song grows in complexity and dramatism but manages to keep the focus on Jessica’s voice and a rare containment. The chorus “Like Magic is heard repetitive times, always sounding like the song is going to change completely. But it never does. And that restraint. That decision on keeping it contained in some way, but ever growing. Sounds like a great piece of magic.