Payton Odom – At My Door

At My Door is one of those debut tracks that make us feel wordless.

Payton Odom At My Door New Secret WtMM

There are some debuts which hits us right in the chaw. Of course this is an expression to say in reality we feel honoured to have been here listening to them. Payton Odom debut with At My Door, is good in so many ways we are still discovering a few after two weeks of constant listening.

At My Door, is a song about having the temptation to shut the ones closer to us, when we are not at our best. At least that’s how it sounds for us. But is also a song that manages to surprise us in every way. And inspiring us with comfort. First with the alternation between a slow-kind-and-meloncholic indietronic song and a more involving indie-pop-R&B approach. Second with that kind of electronic synth water drop that first comes out after about 30 seconds of the track. Third with the overwhelming power behind his vocals on the chorus. And fourth, or above all, because of the beyond beautiful sensibility behind every detail of the track. Even the piano sounds electric but soft, at the same time.

If this is just the first track of this Dallas-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, we wait eagerly for the next one: