Moglebaum – Phone

Moglebaum latest song, Phone, is an indietronic masterpiece that would make Bonobo, Flume or Caribou very proud.

Moglebaum Phone Meeting of the Day

Coming from Düsseldorf, Germany, Moglebaum is a five-piece band producing organic electronic songs but which were in fact based on a Jazz pianist. Phone is the latest (and third) single of their impending EP Grown Heart. A song that distinguishes itself by a prominent saxophone intercalated with some pretty nice drums. But that’s not all. At least that’s not why we love it so much.

Since the beginning the biggest quality is on the uniqueness of it all. Electronic elements are build in like natural instruments, and are only shied away by some very convincing and clear vocals. Until the 1.20 mark all is built-up. A pretty complex and tasteful build-up. After that the indietronic chorus comes in, and we can’t help to feel over the moon. Ever-changing, ever-genious, every-sample-surprising. Phone is an indie-electro masterpiece and certainly among the most surprising songs of the year. And yes they have even built some phone-like samples into it. Some pretty legendary ones.

No matter which angle we take on this. The complexity in each detail. The simple jazzy and pop elements. This keeps punching us in the stomach. Or should we say, the heart?