[TGIF] Life, Love and Fun

On the very first day of December, we bring you a vast selection of la crème de la crème of this week's releases.

Thank God It’s Friday! On the very first day of December, we bring you a vast selection of la crème de la crème of this week’s releases. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these 6 soulful tracks as much as we do. Grab a glass of wine, light up the fire and let December in with our pick as the soundtrack.

Jon Vinyl – Life

Starting with a lot of soul, Jon Vinyl latest single Life is the real deal in terms of both intensity and groove. Showcasing a type of maturity not usual for an 19 year old singer, the song is both relaxing and thoughtful. And even in the smallest details Life shines. Like in the guitar that also sings the song the whole time. Or in the small variations and ability to slow things even more (the 3 minutes mark). Or in the way the song ends without saying goodbye. Just like life itself.

Hero Fisher – I Let Love

Hero Fisher is a French-raised London-based who’s real name could build herself too many expectations. But somehow that seems not to be the case. After debuting her debut album she managed to play Glastonbury or open for The Rolling Stones. At this crazy pace she is about to release her sophomore album from which I Let Love is its third advance. And somehow humorously represented in the video by a donkey marionette hanging around its adventures, the song is about rising above the banalities of quotidian life, escaping desires and being trapped in nostalgia. In what matters I Let Love sounds Rock-in-Roll, eclectic, and with so many different vocal ranges and awesome variations, we feel very small. Impossible to label, or to fit into any pretentious or just ambitious comparison, this is beyond great.

Justin Dean Thomas – You’ve Had Your Fun

This week is all about crazy good songs. Justin Dean Thomas’ You’ve Had Your Fun is probably the most ambitious song of this lot. But also the most raw. Recorded live, one mic on a cassete tape, these are two minutes of a pure genius. Sounding like Bob Dylan, with bits of Johnny Cash, but also with punches of modernity hidden behind a simple guitar and an overwhelming voice. This one of those songs we can only grasp how good they are, after being stuck on them for a serious amount of time.

Dawson Hollow– Take Me There

Dawson Hollow’s sophomore single Take Me There is out! This is a single that takes us there, for sure. It is a nostalgic masterpiece that digs up our happiest, most distant memories and makes them tangible once more. In its shy, happy, quirky style of indie folk, Take Me There is one of those singles that we will listen over and over in the end of a bad or sad day. In it’s few days of existence, this single became a nostalgy hymn for us, somewhere we go to feel we belong. Here’s for you:

Josiah and the Bonnevilles – Swing

Building from start to end comes the americana-folk from Josiah and the Bonnevilles. Swing is a natural Tennessee banger and a song which makes of simplicity its best weapon. The chorus emerges with the force of a blue sky scenario in a road-trip across America, and everything from the guitar to the gentle drumming sounds pretty honest and melodic. Of course we can’t help to see some infant Bob Dylan in this one. The lyrics reminds us how important it is to forgive. Just give him another swing.

Toledo – Hesperus

Hesperus follows previous single released last month, On My Own. Both singles are leading up to the release of Toledo’s debut album Saint Sebastian due February 2018. Hesperus feels almost like a conceptual piece, as every melody is intertwined with the next, and together they tell a story on their own. The vocals are so harmonious and soothing, we feel like listening to them all day long.

See you next week!
With love,
WtMM Team