[PREMIERE] A Choir Of Ghosts – Morning Light

A vocal duet accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Morning Light is an indie-folk gentle gem.

A Choir Of Ghosts Morning Light PREMIERE WtMM

As we face one of coldest days of the year here in Portugal, the blue skies are still shining and our quest for a song to warm us is also taken care off. The Swedish-based duo A Choir Of Ghosts have just carved some new indie-folk magic. And we are proud to premiere it.

Morning Light comes out tomorrow and sounds both as a gentle and naturally crafted track. Like a proper folk ballad, it conquers our ears since the first echoed vocals. Alternating his (James) with hers (Anna) very distinct vocals, Morning Light feels like a shared story-telling. One about being greater than some kind of unrequested love. Still it sounds hopeful. Like a shared pain that gets lighter. That kind of feeling is probably also influenced by an acoustic guitar where each finger seems to be playing nostalgic notes by a fire. Three entire minutes that feels like a tender whisper of warmth.

As they are about to play in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and UK everyone of you lucky locals should actively look for that chance.

For the unlucky ones like us, you should follow them on the links bellow:

Facebook – SoundcloudSpotify – Website