[TGIF] Mindmarks

This weekend selection brings six beautiful mind and soul wonders, and even some dancing moves.

TGIF Mindmarks WtMM

Thank God It’s Friday! Or should we say thank God it’s weekend? It doesn’t matter really, with this six new releases any mind or soul will be travelling outside of any week days. Great songs from established indie makers. And wonderful collaborations with newcomers. This has it all. And all of them can very well stay in your minds for quite a long time.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Mind of Rocks

We’ve been long-time fans of Cosmo Sheldrake. The English Indietronic sensation has just released another of his masterful compositions entitled Mind of Rocks. Featuring some female vocals from Bunty, and produced by Matthew Herbert (Bjork), this is a track that sounds like a dark electronic lullaby. And like any Cosmo Sheldrake effort, the amount of sound samples is uncountable. But probably the most distinct one are the Panamanian bats. Here and there, highly noticeable. The flick of their wings and the sound of the night. Unique.

Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs feat. Justin Nozuka – The Only Difference

Looking for a taste of the past? Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs (a.k.a Slakah the Beathild’s project) newest song The Only Difference might be the perfect song for your weekend. Featuring the vocals from the folk background singer Justin Nozuka, this is a perfect merge between classic R&B compositions and modern retro soul vibes. Based on a very identifiable drum-piano-guitar riff, the track is made bigger by a marvellous falsetto and many very 80’s tones. And above all by a very very catchy melody and a clear sensation of strong unity.

The Federal Empire – Glory Days

Chaning the genre almost 180 degrees, here comes The Federal Empire newest bomb – Glory Days. Being very hard to stay indifferent to hearing this loud on some good speakers, it might very well be the most powerful radio-friendly song of the year. Making way through some pretty awesome vocals, and brutal deep bass beats, they sing about going through hell in order to achieve success. Ironically enough the song sounds simple, good and hard to let go. Written as an urban hymn to being an independent artist, we can’t help to feel grateful for acknowledging their immense value. It was worth it guys. This is a monster track.

All The Luck in The World – Landmarks

Irish born and raised, German-based trio All The Luck In The World newest track is an indie perfection. And we could let this review stay like that. This is one that speaks for itself. The poetic first sentences should sufice really: “my best friends are the backs of my eye lids and so my point of view’s not open minded; every red leaf has returned to their tree by now I swear I’ll be home before they fall back down“. Landmarks is in fact an indie-poetic perfection. A hearing-wonder that sounds like the soundtrack of a travel to our soul. Beautifully composed, wonderfully written, and as dreamy as it gets.

Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy

Someone introduced us Kraków Loves Adana about a month ago we were immediately hooked. The base on the 80’s electronic flow but the way they merge it with modern bits and an hauntingly relevant and deep female vocal (Deniz Cicek). It just makes all the sense in this modern world. Their newest song, American Boy is another demonstration of that relevancy. It transmits the anger felt in a world so political as the one we live in, but also comes from an even deeper self-anger of feeling powerless. Musically it builds beginning to end on the basis of stronger and stronger background flow. Sounding simple, it also sounds genius. The video gives it an extra dimension with some epic dance moves. Somewe couldn’t also help to engage in while listening to the song.

Korgelt feat. Elsa Kopf – I Miss Your Sound

To end this selection, and out of nowhere, comes the debut track from Korgelt. In a firm collaboration with Elsa Kopf, I Miss Your Sound takes elements from several distinct genres to build a gracious indie track. We can hear some indie-pop meets folk instrumentation, some electronic arrangements too, and Elsa’s vocals always smashing, loving and a huge range. It even sounds like some Sting jazz mixed with some Ibeyi swings. Gorgeous song, and such an ambitious debut.

Have a nice weekend!

WtMM Team.