[PREMIERE] 11 – Find A Way

Find A Way is a juicy mix of modern electro-pop vibes with older UK indie-rock ones.

Photo by Sandra Seaton
11 Find a Way Premiere WtMM

11 are in fact just two. James Lamb (vocals) and Richard Craker (every other instrument) met as fruit of a coincidence but somehow seemed from the start a match made for a purpose. Find A Way is this London-based duo second single after the release of the indie-rap-rock debut track First Time, a month ago. But more than that, it is the second track from a very rentable number of tracks to be released next.

Find A Way picks up where First Time left, integrating beautiful indie-pop-rock melodies and compositions into a eclectic song. It focus less on the indie-guitar vibe, and shifts to an irresistible 21st Indietronic vibe. Built in London but mastered somewhere in Thailand, Find A Way sounds full Chet Faker for the first instances of the song, evolving into a pretty and melodic Sting-like layer of vocals. Then the song twists into a more electronic beat, until it comes back again. The vocals never disappoint. Much lyrical, spot-on current and relevant. And the beats and drops are tasteful, never exaggerated, and fully melodic. As a result the track delivers at every single play. In the end First Time perfectly mixes the new electro-pop London-based flow with the more experienced indie-rock English vibes.

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